Maureen Healy | Internationally Renowned Educator, Author of "The Emotionally Healthy Child" and Social & Emotional Learning Expert

Maureen Healy

Internationally Renowned Educator, Author of "The Emotionally Healthy Child" and Social & Emotional Learning Expert

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Maureen Healy
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Current: How to Raise Happier Children

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Self-Care for Students (and Educators)

With science-based lessons, and classroom routines Maureen shares how to help elementary and middle school students develop more self-compassion on their path of positive emotional health. The impact is less bullying, harsh criticism, perfectionism, and exclusion in classrooms and schools.

Audience takeaways:

• Awareness of emotional health and self-compassion and care

• Self-care routines for educators

• Science based strategies to employ in the classroom to promote student wellbeing, self-care, and compassionate connection (self and others).

• Schools of “self-care” report less violence, conflict, and bullying, which is impactful.

The Emotionally Healthy Classroom

Understanding children’s emotional health and how to help students move toward their well-being is the focus of this program. Participants gain science-based strategies to build resilience and positive emotional health in their students (and themselves).

Audience takeaways:

• Clear definition of children’s emotional health

• Receive the “7 Essential Educational Lessons” of Emotional Health in the Classroom

• Science-based strategies to help educators in the elementary, and middle school classroom, especially post-pandemic. Specific issues related to our “new normal” are discussed and best practices shared.

• Real-life activities (from Maureen’s new curriculum) shared to help students understand their emotions, and make smart choices with them.

• Additional topics covered include, but are not limited to Distance learning, isolation, loss and helping students, social media, and violence prevention, especially in today’s world.

Educating for Diversity & Inclusion

Classrooms that plant the seeds of diversity, and inclusion empower an emotionally healthy mindset. Maureen shares from her global teaching experience too, which animates ideas and empowers attendees.

Audience Takeaways:

• Receive “scripts” on how to explain diversity to elementary and middle-school students

• Access a “Diversity Toolkit” that Maureen provides with key lesson plans, activities, recommended books, and strategies to help even “hard to reach” students

• Understand how diversity is linked to creativity, innovation, and non-violence

• Become familiar with the science and modern studies on diversity, and cultural biases

• Assess your own cultural biases, and keep yourself “in check” especially when teaching

• Take a diversity pledge (not required, but recommended) to be a diversity champion

Schools of Resilience

Resilience is a skill that children can learn to develop regardless of their circumstances. If a boy or girl learns certain ideas, and practices inner-strength building strategies (home, classroom, hospital, after-school) they can build resilience. Resilience is essential to form a healthy mindset, and create positive experiences in life (academic, social, emotional, physical / well-being).

Audience takeaways:

• Resilience and emotional health are learnable skills.

• Children who learn how to build the skill of resilience are better positioned for positive outcomes.

• Scientific studies reveal what resilience is, and how to nurture it in children.

• With her engaging style, Maureen shares powerful ideas and practical strategies to help you nurture resilience in children.

Maureen Healy
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Maureen Healy

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