Matt Modleski

Matt Modleski Matt Modleski

Matt Modleski Speech Topics

Active Leadership
In order to set strategy, we must first have a clear objective. At Pure Vertical Success we believe the objective in leadership is simple: its loyal followers. We don't mix management objectives with leadership objectives because the result would be a compromised leadership strategy. With a focus...
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Team and Individual Performance
By the time we are adults, our natural talents are embedded in us. Like any other strategic process, your Personal Strategy for Success should be based on the unique strengths you possess. Then, if those strengths are maximized, the sky is the limit for what you can achieve. We feel most people...
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The "Path to Success" is a compelling call to focus on the big dream in your life with strategy and commitment. Matt talks about his own dream of flying for the Air Force Thunderbirds and how that journey took many turns that seemed like detours until the power of visualization and the power of...
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