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Martha McSally: I Dare You To Fly!

Martha McSally

First female combat pilot in US history / US Senator

About Martha McSally

Colonel Martha E. McSally is a barrier-breaking, combat-proven, results-driven leader who makes a lasting difference wherever she serves. With deep experience in strategic planning and execution of complex operations, risk and crisis management, policy development, and communications, she is known for making things happen and solving difficult problems with integrity and grit. Her unique expertise spans a 26-year military career as a fighter pilot and officer, a professor of national security ...

I expect leadership development for our organization to be world-class, and Martha McSally was the perfect fit. Martha has set herself apart as a private facilitator and speaker by leveraging her unique qualifications and experience in a manner that combines her life purpose with her passion for changing lives. Martha's real-life experience is amazing, and she has dramatically impacted our team!

Benjamin Richter - CEO, Bradford Airport Logistics

On behave of the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation I would like to acknowledge and thank you for doing a fantastic job speaking at our event. The board members of the Cy-Fair Educational Foundation, the Salute to Our Heroes Committee as well as our guests were all in agreement: Martha McSally definitely met our expectations! Your speech was motivational and inspiring. Your presentation style was engaging and energetic. Everyone commented that you were very friendly, focused and exceptionally knowledgeable. You inspired and motivated our guests, many of whom reported they would love to have you back in Houston possibly to speak to our school district employees, leaders and teachers.

It was an honor to meet you and spend time with such an inspiring person.

Marie Holmes, Executive Director - Cy-Fair Educational Foundation

(Virtual event) By the time we finished Martha's presentation, it was evident what type of skills and psychology is needed to succeed. Martha was able to demonstrate how to succeed despite any circumstances or what life might throw at you. She painted a picture of what success looks like and how all of us can continue building character to get there. This wasn't just a presentation but who she is.

Alex Yastrebenetsky - CEO/Co-Founder InfoTrust
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