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Mark H. Maxwell

Mark H. Maxwell, Nashville Business education, marketing, networking, legal, law, millenials, gen z, music, nashville, nashville author, workplace, collaboration, college, creativity, author Mark H. Maxwell, Nashville Business education, marketing, networking, legal, law, millenials, gen z, music, nashville, nashville author, workplace, collaboration, college, creativity, author
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Mark H. Maxwell: TEDx: Networking Kills: Success Through Serving
Mark H. Maxwell: Networking Kills
Mark H. Maxwell: 5 Minutes With An Entertainment Attorney

Mark H. Maxwell

Entertainment lawyer and music business veteran

About Mark H. Maxwell

Mark H. Maxwell is an entertainment attorney, music business veteran and college professor. As a lawyer, Mark represents a diverse roster of recording artists, celebrities, record labels, music publishers, authors, songwriters and producers. As a professor in Belmont University's prestigious entertainment business and songwriting program, he created their popular course on Bob Dylan and teaches courses on music business, faith and culture, and copyright law. Mark is passionate about serving as a ...

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Networking Kills: Success Through Serving

In this talk, Maxwell uncovers the moral and spiritual dangers of networking to achieve success. Using pop culture illustrations (John Mayer, Kim Kardashian) and Maxwell’s own stories from his professional ...

Achieving Success as a Young Creative

Change the world by - making yourself available instead of visible, giving instead of taking and losing yourself instead of finding yourself.

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Networking Kills by Mark H. Maxwell
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Thank you Mark Maxwell for sharing these ideas at TEDx. We are all here with the ability to live a richer life if we serve each other. Thanks.

Scooter Braun - Manager of Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Ariana Grande and Tori Kelly

I knew I wanted to get my hands on Mark Maxwell's book "Networking Kills" when one of his Belmont students quoted it in a conversation we were having over a cup of coffee. What a simple concept: "Networking" narrows our focus and our life experience. "Serving" connects us in a meaningful way and throws the gates of opportunity wide open. Let the adventure begin!

Amy Grant - Singer/Songwriter

Mark Maxwell was an early believer and important counselor for MercyMe twenty years ago. I am thrilled that through his book, Networking Kills, he continues to authentically mentor and counsel the next generation concerning true success - success that is only found through serving others.

Bart Millard - MercyMe

Culture teaches us to measure everything through the question: "how does this benefit my life?" This book does the exact opposite by changing the question to, "how does my life benefit others?" Mark Maxwell's book, Networking Kills, is more than just a novel idea - this significant message can help steer a generation towards true success. But more than just this generation, I believe it will help anyone, in any stage, re-evaluate their motivations and navigate their life back to what truly matters. I know it's doing that for me.

Natalie Grant - Singer/Songwriter

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Mark Maxwell for some time now. In an industry and culture that encourages us to be more and more self-focused for our own personal gain, Mark's book is a fresh and necessary perspective that is desperately needed. It is natural for us to think that our gifts and talents are for us. Mark does a great job of leading us through his book and turning this paradigm upside down. No matter where we are on the journey we need to constantly be reminded that we are called to serve not be served.

Toby Mac - Grammy Award-Winning Artist

With Networking Kills, Mark Maxwell is seemingly flying in the face of what the assumed "best approach" is for building a successful career in the music industry ... network, network, network! When in reality, every person doing business - including us creatives - are all truly in the service industry. Mark's call to think about our roles in the context of service is refreshing and spot on. Kudos, Mr. Maxwell!

Busbee - Grammy-Nominated Songwriter/Producer
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