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Maddy Dychtwald, Aging, Diversity Speaker NSB, Futurists, marketing, women in business Maddy Dychtwald, Aging, Diversity Speaker NSB, Futurists, marketing, women in business
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Maddy Dychtwald: Cyclic Lifeplan
Maddy Dychtwald: Generational Diversity
Maddy Dychtwald: Demographics Can Predict The Future
Maddy Dychtwald: Revisioning Retirement
Maddy Dychtwald: Age Wave

Maddy Dychtwald

One of the World's Leading Authorities on the Affect of Demographic Shifts on Our Lives

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San Francisco, California, United States
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Maddy Dychtwald is an internationally recognized author, entrepreneur, business advisor, and thought leader on the age wave--and how longevity and the ascent of women are transforming the marketplace, the workplace, the retirement scape, and how we do business. Since co-founding Age Wave more than 30 years ago, Maddy and her team have worked with more than half of the Fortune 500 in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and medical technology to financial services and marketing.

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The program was very informative and was delivered in a powerful manner. Her insight and knowledge of the financial services industry provides a perfect ending to motivate the audience in taking advantage of the wonderful market opportunities.

Gordon J. Sprague, Senior Vice President - AIM Distribution

Maddy not only understands the political, business and socioeconomic factors that shape the world for women today, but she has a firm grasp of how those trends will evolve and impact our world in the future--and is ahead of the curve in recognizing them.

Joan Walker, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations - Allstate Insurance Company

Your entire presentation was spectacular and the clips you wove in were hilarious at times and certainly right on cue for our audience.

Bethany H. Corum, Executive Vice President - Florida Bankers Association

I have heard very few speakers so brilliantly keep an audience focused with a combination of spoken and audiovisual material. You have a vital message for women--and men--with Influence and you match the vitality of the message with a vibrant delivery.

Jane Glenn Haas, Columnist - Orange County Register and Founder of WomanSage

The program was thought-provoking, and provided data that was fact-driven and brilliantly presented. Interweaving live video clips kept the audience entertained while ingesting a good deal of information.

Rita Hernandez, Vice President, Property Management - JMA Ventures, LLC

Our participants loved your program. I especially appreciated your efforts in researching credit unions and tailoring your presentation to our needs. We noticed the extra efforts, and so did the audience.

Darrell Bahr, Vice President, Communications & Education - Missouri Credit Union System
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