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Your enthusiasm for your topic was evident and much appreciated. In fact, many attendees felt your session was the most valuable of the conference.
Mary Wright Benner - The Conference Board
The information and insight you provided regarding the differences in generations were valuable and useful. I was especially impressed with the research you did on our industry and institution and your ability to tailor your presentation to our audience.
Robyn Pennington, Director Business Solutions Services - The California State University
I have never had a keynote speaker who did such a thorough job preparing content and ensuring that the remarks were highly relevant to our audience. Your deep research and focus were very evident and much appreciated by me and my leadership team.
Judy Sloan, Principal, Deloitte Tax - Deloitte
All of the respondents indicated that your presentation helped them better understand multi-generational workforces, with 95% saying they plan to utilize the lessons learned in their interactions with co-workers.
Tiffani Orange, Diversity and Worklife Manager - Ford Motor Company