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Louis has a gift that enables him to deliver a compelling message with a positive spirit that guides you to realizing the greater potential that lies within.
Denine Torr - Dollar General
Louis's message hit home in all our hearts. His profound, yet simple, message about considering our families' needs was a blessing and a call to action.
Cordia Harrington, President & CEO - Tennessee Bun Company
Louis has a strong message that all business people need to hear. Regardless of a business leader's family situation, that person can significantly benefit from the ideas, concepts and tips Louis shares.
Alfonzo Alexander, Chief Relationship Officer - National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, Inc.
His message of balancing one's personal and professional lives was excellent, and was delivered with humor and sincerity. Our employees expressed great pleasure of having Mr. Upkins address us on such an important topic.
Natalie Bracy Sneed, President - Nissan's Multicultural Business Synergy Team
When leaders can bring their "best practices" from work to home it is a BIG win for everyone. What a great step to living a life that is integrated rather than segmented.
Steve French, President - Lifework Leadership
As the mom of the 35,000 member Southwest Airlines family, I subscribe to Louis Upkins' philosophies concerning proactive customer-service delivery with no distinction in terms of importance between internal and external customers.
Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus - Southwest Airlines
He connects with students the instant he enters the room--it's really quite remarkable to see how they respond to him and to his message--because his message comes from his heart.
Dr. David Foote Director, Institute of Leadership Excellence - Middle Tennessee State University
Louis has captured a complex issue that many young people struggle to understand or balance as they develop both professionally and personally; his book has aspired and taught principles that will change the lives of this next generation of leaders.
William U. Latham, Ph.D. - Tennessee State University
He read the audience and understood the keynote position in the schedule exceptionally well. As a result of his outstanding and personable delivery, dozens of MBA students followed up with him, many asking him to mentor them.
Mark Washington - Yale Universtiy