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Roddy Chong

Virtuoso Violinist, Inspirational Speaker, Innovation & The Scrappy Factor

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Roddy Chong

Roddy Chong is a remarkably accomplished Asian American violinist and speaker known for his high-energy performances with many of the music industry's most recognized acts, including a season when he toured with Shania Twain and Celine Dion at the same time. He has performed for audiences around the world, including the President of the United States, the Queen of England, the Pope, Oprah and countless other notable figures. However, Roddy's real resume begins much closer to the heart--in the pursuit for accelerated life-performance, purpose, and a mission to help others push the boundaries of potential.

"Roddy is a difference-maker on any stage. He is a rare mix of humility and talent."
-- Kevin Costner

On stage, Roddy Chong is recognized for mesmerizing arena-sized crowds. As one of the world's premier violinists, Roddy has been requested for multiple tours with powerhouse artists like Shania Twain, Celine Dion, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. But Roddy Chong's passion for going beyond music is captivating crowds all over the world with a different forte--motivation.

Wowing audiences from some of the most recognized companies and organizations such as: Kraft Foods, Bayer, YMCA, and the US Bankruptcy Court; Roddy Chong is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after motivational speakers--helping leaders, teams, organizations, and individuals realize their potential to consistently produce encore performances beyond the stage.

In each keynote, Roddy shares a portion of his life story, and the insights he learned from training and performing in arenas around the world. This includes working alongside and successfully negotiating with hundreds of managers, musicians, and various personalities in the performing arts industry. He shares the wisdom gleaned from prominent dignitaries he has met along the way. And he shares performance solutions developed in the crucible of thousands of stages in front of live audiences. Plus, he talks about what he learned about himself and the people around him--those who succeeded, and those who failed.

His musical touring and guest spot credentials include: Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Kevin Costner & Modern West, Gary Sinise & Lt. Dan Band, Lonestar, SheDaisy, Jars of Clay, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, and Brian McKnight.

Roddy Chong graduated with a B.A. in Telecommunications and African American Studies from Indiana University. He lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Roddy Chong
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Current: Introduction to Roddy

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Roddy Chong
Featured Keynote Programs

The Scrappy Factor

Roddy introduces audiences to a phenomenon that is necessary to achieve goals on any stage — in offices and industries each and every day. Truth is, scrappy people, teams, and companies accomplish more and are more effective. Roddy explains how to implement The Scrappy Factor as part of our fundamental foundation.
• Audience members will learn the definition of “scrappy” and how to apply it in their current role to achieve success. Inspiring case studies of “scrappiness” will also be revealed.
• Participants will learn how to work with more agility by eliminating over-thinking and self-imposed interruptions.
• Members will also learn how scrappy times of productivity are when one’s best work is accomplished, according to Parkinson’s Law.

Comfort In The Uncomfortable

Many motivators have challenged audiences to move toward the uncomfortable in life. Roddy takes this concept a step farther — telling his audiences how to find comfort and innovate within the uncomfortable. This keynote shatters stale perceptions of potential, reality, and purpose. It gives audience members instant action items that they can take back to the workplace.

• Audience members will learn to define their foundational goal in any endeavor—and how that foundational goal is actually achieved in the uncomfortable places in life and work.

• Participants will learn that discipline is not only for our children, but if we are truly disciplined, then our children will become more disciplined also.

•Members will also learn how correcting course from a failure is necessary to navigating the future more accurately.

The Rockstar Performance

There are specific reasons that rock stars become well-known brands. They become household names by being more than simply talented individuals. Roddy has spent years touring alongside some of the biggest rock stars and shares the secrets to performing effectively on some of the largest stages in the world — and how you can use those secrets in your everyday life.
•Audience members will learn the performance motto, “Be seen and be good.”
•Participants will learn how the two handrails of specificity and clarity lead to a rock star performance.
•Members will also learn what rock stars do when waiting in the wings just before a performance, when a “mistake” happens during a performance, and how they conclude a performance with distinction.

Let Your Instinct Lead

In a world where policy, procedure, and sheet music dictate performance, our ability to live outside of others’ expectations is diminished. Roddy shows audiences how to tap into their innate leadership instincts and rise to their own potential.
• Audience members will learn the art of rule-surpassing instead of breaking.
• Participants will learn the science and history of “the gut feeling.”
• Members will also learn how to be open to experience influences beyond the norm, leading to new effectiveness in work and life.

Roddy Chong
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