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Managing Conflict
Managing Conflict

• Diagnosing the sources of conflict
• Selecting appropriate conflict styles and tactics
• Model and strategies for conflict resolution
Self Assessment on Conflict style, skill practices, case exercises, and film used.

Leading through Change
Leading through Change

• Model for transition process
• Model for change process
• Tactics and tools to lead staff through transition and change
• Strategies for managing large scale change
• Designing cross functional change teams to lead change
Film, cases, simulation and group activities used.

Managing Challenging People

• Tactics and tools to manage good performers who but don’t work well with others
• Typology of different types of difficult people and behaviors
• Tailored facilitation strategies
• Diffusing anger, setting limits, managing resistance
Case exercises and role-playing used.

Coaching and Counseling:
Coaching and Counseling:

(Taught this for managers at American Management Association)

• Coaching employees to enhance performance and build skills
• Discerning when to coach or counsel, when to refer for help
• Facilitating peer coaching among your staff members
Film, skill practices and role-plays used.

Performance Feedback:
Performance Feedback:

• Managing constructive developmental review meetings
• Coaching managers on emotional intelligence competencies
• Providing effective performance feedback to managers
• Managing resistance and denial, diffusing anger and defensiveness
• Making tough coaching and firing decisions
Skill practices and role-plays used.

Motivation and Goal Setting
Motivation and Goal Setting

• Motivational Theories and Efficacy
• How to tailor reward and recognition strategies
• How to Set goals effectively
• Creating and Monitoring Team Rewards: Why and How
Discussion, lecturette, self assessment and case scenarios used.

Creating High Performing Teams

• Top Attributes of high performing teams
• Creating a team vision and getting buy-in
• Creating a team charter that works
• Building accountability in teams
• Self managed teams
• Lencioni and Katzenbach models
• Facilitating a culture of dialogue
Cases, skill practices, film used.

Meeting Facilitation Skills

• Setting a challenging and engaging agenda
• Creating involvement and engagement
• Discerning when to continue and when to curtail a discussion
• Cutting edge group dynamics tactics
• Creating an environment for dialogue
• Managing challenging conflicts
• Dealing with challenging group dynamics
• Facilitating effective decision-making processes
Film, cases and skill practices employed.

Managing Personal Priorities

(based on Stephen Covey’s time management matrix)

• Time Management matrix
• Quadrant II, important and not urgent activities tactics and strategies
• Analysis of time spent in 4 matrix cells
• Cutting edge strategies to enhance time and priority management
Assessment, cases, group activities used.

Myers Briggs for Leadership Development

• Understanding your preferences
• Understanding your type
• Understanding your facets/preferences and your inferior function
• Concrete strategies for developing your less developed preferences
Step II form of the MBTI will be used to help leaders identify both their strengths and those areas requiring development. Leaders take this via Berney Associates online set up and receive individualized results reports in session.

Interests-Based Negotiation

(Based on Harvard Negotiation Program tactics)

• Key tenets of interests-based negotiation
• Refining your negotiation style
• Keys to managing tough negotiations
• Active negotiation of cases with tailored feedback
Learning methods included tailored cases and Harvard cases that participants negotiate; self assessment and application exercises.

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