Lisa Guillermin Gable

Lisa Guillermin Gable Lisa Guillermin Gable

Lisa Guillermin Gable Speech Topics

Taking Control of Your Brand to Best Maximize This Valuable Corporate Asset
A well managed brand can be a company’s greatest financial asset. However, through rapid growth, weak legacy brand management systems and mergers and acquisition, companies can lose control of their core message. Gable provides practical advice on designing corporate wide systems and processes to...
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Corporate Responsibility: Why Strong Brands Must Be Good Global Citizens
Multinational corporations are struggling with the defining their role in the areas of education, environmental protection, health and other concerns. Executives question the degree to which business can be effective establishing programs outside the “core competency” of their business. Gable’s...
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How Remarkable Women Zig Zag to the Top: How You Too Can Take Advantage of Opportunities
Starting her career at the Defense Department and the White House office of Presidential Personnel, at a very young age Gable had a unique opportunity to study how successful women managed to reach the top. Arriving in Silicon Valley as industry leaders began their ascent; Gable utilized her...
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Making America Competitive - It's All about Winning
Recent studies show a continual decline in America’s competitiveness vis-à-vis China, India and other countries. Policymakers and industry leaders have once again elevated industrial competitiveness to the forefront of public discourse. Gable draws on 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley,...
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Achieving Bi-Partisanship
Fueling, managing and fostering cross-sector support
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Solving Societal Problems
Resolving complex issues such as obesity, women’s and minority issues, building economic opportunity in struggling areas
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Empowering Women in Business and Politics
Creating opportunity and rules of engagement
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Tackling Corporate Challenges
Managing complexity, navigating the digital marketplace, opening up to internal diversity of thought leadership in opinion and politics, reengineering
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Building Global Initiatives
Creating movements and understanding their complexities and unintended consequences
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