Dr Leah P. Hollis | Associate Dean for Access, Equity and Inclusion at Penn State University

Dr Leah P. Hollis

Associate Dean for Access, Equity and Inclusion at Penn State University

Dr Leah P. Hollis

Dr. Leah P. Hollis is the Founder and President of Patricia Berkly, LLC, a healthy workplace advocate, and diversity trainer. Her recent book, Human Resource Perspectives on Workplace Bullying in Higher Education Understanding Vulnerable Employees' Experiences, was released by Routledge (2021), examining the structural problems and inadequate policies that allow workplace bullying to hurt vulnerable employees. She has continued her research with Intersecting Distress (2022), which examines intersectionality, Black women, and workplace bullying. Serving as Lead Consultant of Workplace Bullying, Equity, Access, and Diversity, Hollis speaks nationally and internationally, including appearances in Milan, Italy; Athens, Greece; Oxford, England; New York, New York; Los Angeles, California, Texas, and Pennsylvania. Her work has been covered by University Business, Nature, The Chronicle of Higher Education, higheredjobs.com, and Forbes Magazine. Hollis has an exemplary career in higher education administration, where she has held senior leadership and faculty posts. Currently, she is the Associate Dean for Access, Equity and Inclusion at Penn State University, Dr. Hollis has taught at Northeastern University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Rutgers University. Dr. Hollis received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University and her Master of Arts degree from the University of Pittsburgh. She received her Doctor of Education in Administration, Training, and Policy Studies from Boston University, as a Martin Luther King, Jr. Fellow. Also, Dr. Hollis continued her professional training at Harvard University through the Graduate School of Education, Higher Education Management Development Program. She earned certification in Project Management and Executive Leadership at Stanford University and Cornell University, respectively. Further, she has earned certifications in EEO Law/Affirmative Action and Conflict Resolution and Investigation from the American Association for Affirmative Action. She also serves as an expert witness regarding workplace bullying, harassment, and discrimination. She is also the author Unequal Opportunity Fired without cause, Filing with the EEOC, which focuses on workplace discrimination. 

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Dr Leah P. Hollis
Featured Keynote Programs

Intersection of bullying and harassment

Workplace bullying often looks like harassment. Studies show that over 37% of the working population is affected by workplace bullying. Even when workplace bullying affects those outside of the Title VII protected classes, work productivity declines and turnover can sky rocket. The cost for American organizations can range into $64 billion a year. In addition to financial costs, there are emotional and psychology costs to employees, and interrupted productivity for the organization. Dr. Leah Hollis presents this webinar to help managers and employees spot a bully, understand the cost of harboring a bully, and develop strategies to curb the bully before he or she jeopardizes the organization. This webinar is for managers and employees alike who wish to understand how to mitigate the impact of a bully on an organization.

Care for the Care Giver

Traditionally, women have been the caregivers for aging parents and young children. With women representing over 50% of the workplace, both employees and employers are feeling the tension of complex personal and professional responsibilities, with four generations in the workforce. In the balance, the caregiver can be the target of gender discrimination while trying to maintain his or her right to care for his or her family. This interactive webinar is for managers and employees alike striving under the Title VII application to remain compliant as employees have increasing conflicts with child care, elder care and professional careers. There is critical information in this webinar for anyone managing the work/life balance.

Supreme Court Update for Employers

This workshop will begin with a quick over view of the Title VII laws which prohibit discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion and national origin. Further, the workshop will reflect on concepts of the protected class and disparate treatment. The workplace is a delicate environment with four generations in the workforce that increases the protected class. With terms solidified, the workshop will continue to update participants on the changing parameters regarding retaliation, the threshold for actionable complaints, cat’s paw theory, class action and frivolous claims. This workshop will briefly review the cases which modified these important Title VII areas and offer case studies as they apply to this sector.

The Perfect Storm
Workplace Retaliation

The EEOC listed retaliation as the largest complaint area. However, this discrimination charge is the easiest to avoid. Once an employee complains about his or her civil rights, an organization is on notice to investigate and resolve the problem. The cost of a law suit is typically into a $250,000 with the case often dragging on 2.5 years. This lecture reviews the anatomy of a discrimination case, how to handle complaints, and how to avoid being the next organization sued for workplace discrimination.

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Dr Leah P. Hollis

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