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Larraine Segil: Dynamic Leadership

Larraine Segil

Author of multiple books on Alliances; World-renowned Partnering Expert

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Los Angeles, California, United States
About Larraine Segil

Larraine is a seasoned senior executive with general management experience, and a world renowned level of expertise in the creation, implementation and management of complex business alliances in multiple industries including healthcare, technology, consumer products, manufacturing, aerospace, financial services and more. She also has startup and turnaround experience, and a strong track record for speedy and innovative problem solving, enabling buy-in for complex change management and cultural ...

As always a vigorous and stimulating presentation! Many thanks for your participation in the BABC Fall Conference. Your session on Fast Alliances was one of the highlights in the assessment of our delegates.

Jeremy Davies - President, British American Business Council

Larraine Segil's structured approach to international strategic alliances was an eye opener for me. This certainly will have a major impact on the way we will set up and manage the Leica family in the future.

Markus Rauh - President & CEO; Leica (Switzerland)

Your contribution furthered the Drucker Foundation mission to lead sector organizations toward excellence in performance. You were enormously generous to share your time, wisdom, and inspiration with the leaders at our conference.

Rob Johnston - President & CEO; The Drucker Foundation
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