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Larraine Segil Larraine Segil

Larraine Segil Speech Topics

Alliance Overview: Why, What, When and How?
Larraine Segil has taught thousands of executives at Caltech ( The California Institute of Technology) how to create, manage and add continuing value to complex multi partner alliances in multiple industries including healthcare, entertainment, IT, aerospace, consumer products, manufacturing,...
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Best Practices in Supplier Relationship Management
In challenging economic times, suppliers are a competitive advantage for all customers. However selecting the right ones to partner with, and those with whom to share research, technology, and market data is a complex and specific process. Larraine Segil will share her experience and decades of...
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The Ten Traits of Dynamic Leaders and Adaptive Organizations
Based on her book Dynamic Leader, Adaptive Organization, Larraine Segil presents the core qualities that are essential for leaders in complex organizations. These can be learned and taught and her approach interlinks the characteristics to your development programs and human resource value...
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Key Customer Relationship Management and Alliances
Creating alliances with selected customers is more than a CRM program. It requires criteria development, balancing of cost and benefit, willingness of customer to become an alliance and a systematic and sustainable process for the creation, management and renewal of these mission critical...
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