Krister Ungerböck |  Leadership Language Expert | Global Tech CEO | 100M Growth | 99.3% Employee Engagement | Author of 22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership

Krister Ungerböck

Leadership Language Expert | Global Tech CEO | 100M Growth | 99.3% Employee Engagement | Author of 22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership

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Krister Ungerböck


"As past President of the National Speakers Association, I've seen over 1,000 speakers. KRISTER IS ONE OF THE BEST"
"Superb content. Great structure. BEST VIRTUAL PRESENTER I have ever seen."
"Krister was A DREAM TO WORK WITH.
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Krister Ungerbock is a leadership language expert, former global tech CEO and author. His work has appeared in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc.,, and Chief Executive. Prior to retiring from corporate life at age 42, Krister was CEO of one of the largest family-owned software companies in the world.

While leading the company to over 3,000% growth, his team created 100 million dollars in shareholder value, won five Top Workplace Awards, achieved remarkable employee engagement levels of 99.3%, and became a dominant player in its market niche -- event management software.

Krister's is the author of the upcoming book, 22 Talk SHIFTs TOOLS TO TRANSFORM LEADERSHIP in Business, in Partnership and in Life.

Krister Ungerböck
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Current: Build Better Bosses with Talk SHIFTs

Time 05:48

Krister Ungerböck
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Simple Communication Tools to Cultivate Candor, Connection and ALL-IN Commitment

What if the most basic things you’ve been taught about leadership turned out to be not only ineffective but destructive? It turns out, the forceful, world-changing leaders of the past succeeded greatly despite their approach, not because of it. We assumed that what works for once-in-a-lifetime leaders like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates was the best way to lead, but no one asked, “Is there something even better?”

From their shadows has emerged a new breed of leader— leaders who are using Talk SHIFTs to drive remarkable levels of employee engagement and business growth.

How did an unconventional leader create nearly one trillion dollars of shareholder value in six years — using compassion rather than ambition?

In this inspiring and practical talk, proven global CEO, leadership language expert and author Krister Ungerböck reveals Talk SHIFTs — a simple, yet powerful new leadership communication model that sprang from a surprising source.

*** All of Krister’s talks are personalized to your audience and your business objectives. Help him personalize this talk by selecting 3-4 of the most important takeaways below

Participants will gain new insight and specific takeaways including:

The biggest mistake leaders make (and how to correct it with 2 simple words)
The one-question antidote to micromanagement that reduces employee turnover and supercharges engagement from your best people
How to swiftly shift a troubled working relationship (even if you’ve tried everything else and failed)
How to escape the Anger Trap
The unconventional technique that creates commitment from employees
Why the secret to listening is … talking
The simple accountability and trust-building technique that you’ll wish everyone in your organization used

Best for: Audiences that include both leaders and non-leaders; employee all-hands events; association meetings; customer events

Tools to Build Better Bosses – and Become One

The LeaderSHIFTs are the 7 Talk SHIFTs that are specific to business leadership. This keynote is a variation of the Talk SHIFTs keynote above that is laser-focused on the needs of leaders and aspiring leaders.

Best for: Audiences of leaders and aspiring leaders; senior leadership gatherings

Emotional Intelligence Talk SHIFTs

Audience: Employees at all levels; Professionals in IT, Engineering or Finance fields;

Did you know that emotional intelligence can be broken down into concrete phrases to speak with more emotional intelligence? Invite Krister to personalize a keynote that shares concrete, practical tips to increase emotional intelligence. At your request, Krister can also integrate employee engagement and leadership communication into this keynote.

Employee Engagement Talk SHIFTs

Audience: Leaders, aspiring leaders and top performers, or HR professionals

Learn the practical leadership language that leaders use to achieve remarkable employee engagement levels. Your attendees will walk away with practical, immediately actionable tips that drive employee retention and engagement.

Krister Ungerböck
Featured Book

22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership in Business, in Partnership, and in Lifeby Krister Ungerböck

22 Talk SHIFTs: Tools to Transform Leadership in Business, in Partnership, and in Life

by Krister Ungerböck
Tools to Build Better Bosses-and Become One

Strained and estranged relationships are everywhere in business. Salespeople are frustrated by the finance people, customer service and operations people are frustrated by salespeople, and everyone is frustrated by the IT people.

It's time to shift the conversation.

In 22 Talk SHIFTs, you'll discover unconventional, sometimes counter-intuitive communication techniques that can make your year, or your career. You'll learn how to:

  • Increase employee engagement, leadership communication, and growth
  • Become a better partner, parent, and boss using these 10 statements
  • Speak like an emotional Einstein
  • Lead people to their solutions, not yours
  • Cultivate connection, compassion, and commitment at work and home

Talk SHIFTs create great teams-but here's the bonus-they also create great families. These practical tools include fill-in-the-blank phrases, powerful questions, and provocative exercises that can break the cycle of strained communication and strained relationships.

The Talk SHIFTs are the result of Krister Ungerböck's real-world experience leading teams in languages and building businesses on 5 continents.

Learn language changes that make a big difference-in business, partnership, and life.

Krister Ungerböck
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Krister Ungerböck

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