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Krishna’s accident helped him realize the importance of blood donation. The need for blood is constant and donors are essential to maintain a healthy and reliable supply.
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Conquering Adversity
We all face adversity. Overcoming barriers seems easy for some, harder for others. Krishna who has persistently, gracefully, and triumphantly overcome adversity after losing his leg, will help each individual audience member face their own challenges as well, through discipline and a deep belief...
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Mastering Change -The Only Constant
Change—that unavoidable constant. Usually, change comes in small, continuous, and at times insidious adjustments to our reality It may be new information, a new job, or a new client. Sometimes, as it did for Krishna Thompson, change arrives all at once, with unspeakable force—his life forever...
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Possibilities, Not Limitations
We all have something that limits us. As a living example himself, Krishna shows us how to focus on what we can accomplish, and encourages the physically challenged and the able-bodied to achieve their goals—no matter how wonderfully large or seemingly small. As Krishna’s highly personal and...
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Custom Tailored Keynotes
Krishna will “custom-tailor” his presentation for your audience, your needs and your objectives. He will appeal to all age groups and professions.
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