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Kevin King is a master of Double-talk, or Verbal Perception Manipulation (VPM), as he calls it. Introduced to the unwitting audience as an expert in your industry, Kevin begins by describing the importance of compliance and strategies and other mundane topics. However, the audience slowly begins to realize they're not quite following his eloquent exposition. Those taking notes are hopelessly lost. And then, slowly but surely, the audience begins to catch on. Once the ruse is blown, Kevin gives examples of how VPM can be used in daily life, from conversations with relatives to telemarketers, and even teaches the audience a few VPM tricks.

He has been performing magic and comedy since 1972. He has appeared with such notable singers ranging from Perry Como to Dolly Parton. Kevin co-hosted a network television country music special with Johnny Cash called The Winning Hand. His Performance was best described by the late Minnie Pearl in a letter to him. She said, "Kevin, you are delightfully mad"!

Currently a resident of Nashville, Kevin King appears at conventions and concerts throughout the United States. His blend of magic and comedy using audience participation makes for a truly unique performance.

You will be amazed as he interacts with members of your audience-calling them by name-during his performance. Wait till you see their faces! Watch as he mysteriously "reads the minds" of audience members, telling them the phone number they are looking at in a book of Yellow Pages. These are just a sampling of Kevin King's antics.