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Kevin Sorbo

Outspoken Conversative Actor & Stroke Survivor

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As a strong leading man and a hunky Half-God, Kevin Sorbo brings a refreshing cadence to Hollywood. Growing up in Mound, Minnesota, a western suburb of Minneapolis, the "Sorbs" excelled at football, basketball, baseball and golf, but his true passion was always to be an actor. After studying marketing and advertising at Moorhead State University and the University of Minnesota, Kevin moved to Dallas where he joined an actors theater group and began modeling and doing television commercials. After ...

Kevin was perfect for our evening at Ohio Valley University! He was so down to earth and his message was very encouraging and inspiring. His story is an incredible picture God working in his life to provide direction and perspective. OVU definitely has a new friend. Kevin made sure he stayed until the last person could get a selfie, have a conversation, or get his autograph. It was simply a great evening!

Michael Ross - Ohio Valley University
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