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Kellee McQuinn: KidTribe at the White House 2013
Kellee McQuinn: TEDx Talk on Childhood Obesity
Kellee McQuinn: KidTribe's Hoopapalooza Fitness Concert
Kellee McQuinn: NASA Space School Musical
Kellee McQuinn: Unjunk Yourself
Kellee McQuinn: HOOPERSIZE Fit-Kit Demo Reel

Kellee McQuinn

TEDx Speaker, Founder of KidTribe, Authority on Youth Wellness & “The Pied Piper with a Boom Box”

About Kellee McQuinn

A true role model and kid expert, Kellee McQuinn is nicknamed "The Pied Piper with a Boom Box" by the Los Angeles Times. She founded KidTribe in 2002 with a mission to reverse the obesity crisis and improve children's health, wellness, and self-esteem. Since then she has single handedly evoked an entire movement with her trend-setting programs.

Having personally worked with over 3 million children and several thousand trained teachers throughout the US, UK and Asia, Kellee received the Community ...

The White House Easter Egg Roll was everything we had hoped for and Kellee brought even more sunshine and smiles to the faces of our guests, creating memories of a lifetime. It wouldn't have been the same without her.

Michelle Obama - The White House

Kellee is an innovator with an outstanding ability to communicate. Her ideas and philosophies ignite ideals in education. Her programs change lives and foster growth. Kellee is a rock star."

Leland Melvin - NASA

Kellee brings life and inspiration to conferences. Teachers and youth alike adored her positive messages about dreaming big, being a leader, and living a legacy. Her keynote and exhilarating performance and was a highlight of the entire event.

Peter Benson - Search Institute

Kellee's ability to reach audiences, inspire, and entertain is amazing. Her passion for the youth is evident in her glowing enthusiasm, heartfelt humor, and knowledgeable expertise. She is a role model and a favorite.

Ken Bentley - Nestle USA

Kellee's clear messages and positive programs are the medicine for what ails most kids today.

Robert Sallis MD - Kaiser Permanente & Past President of American College of Sports Medicine

Kellee is one of our most revered presenters, always with the highest evaluation scores from attendees. Her keynote leaves everyone smiling and her stories remind us why we do what we do and how important it is to work with children.

Tia Quinn - BOOST Leadership Conference
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