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Keith Ferrazzi Text Reviews

You have a phenomenal message, tremendous business insights and a wonderful understanding of the human condition.

Chairman & CEO - Assante Wealth Management

Your presentation was more powerful, and helpful to me in my business, than any other speaker I listened to in that conference. I thought the conference was great and I got a lot out of it, but your message was concise and 100% relevant to me.

CEO & Chairman - DSI Entertainment

Keith pushed us to think outside of the box and 'added more to our wallets!

Executive Director - Goldman Sachs International

Keith added something to the meetings that we don't typically get.

Vice President, Business Development - Fidelity

Keith was a big hit, and created an amazing turnout. His message resonated well with the students and they left both inspired and passionate about helping others succeed through creating meaningful relationships. Thank you!

Director of JD Advising - Harvard Law School

I thought that was just tremendous. I sat there myself thinking this is one of those people you wish you'd met 20 years earlier. It was very powerful. Outstanding!

Senior Vice President - IBM

Your presentation is one of the best presentations I have ever had the pleasure of hearing! After listening to your presentation all of us went away with a new kindred spirit and such great hope for the future.

Colonel of USAF - United States Air Force

Based on the stories and exercises Keith used to emphasize key points, the leaders I spoke with during the conference were able to . . . identify ways to improve both their work and personal relationships going forward.

Susan Peters - VP and Director of Learning and Development, US Bank

Keith Ferrazzi is a true thought leader bringing together the four mindsets of intimacy, generosity, candor and accountability to create a collaborative community that is making global change.

Donna Sturgess - Founding Partner & President, Buyology Inc

Your presentation is one of the best I've attended, especially when it comes to the Art and Science of Relationship Building. Your insights, research & work in this field rings true, coupled with your genuine desire to educate & enlighten your audience.

T. Abraham Carons - Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Our guest speaker this morning . . . was all about earning trust through relationships--ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen. So, the message platform is resonating and being reinforced. Thank you for your counsel, participation & leadership.

Mary Lou Panzano - Head, US Internal Communications, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals