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Keith Ferrazzi

Leading Exponential Change and Expert in Professional Development

Keith Ferrazzi


Keith Ferrazzi, is a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Never Eat Alone, Leading Without Authority, Competing in the New World of Work, and his newest book, Teamship: 10 Shifts to Becoming a Dream Team. An accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, investor, Keith is recognized as the world's top executive team coach, having coached the transformation of Fortune 50 corporations, the World Bank, Unicorns and governments. You've perhaps read his columns in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, WSJ, Fortune, Fast Company, and Inc. Magazine.

Former CMO & Head of Sales at Deloitte and Starwood Hotels, Keith founded Ferrazzi Greenlight—a team coaching firm—and leads the greenlight research institute focused on team transformation.

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A New Social Contract for Teams

The future of society will be driven by teamship, not leadership — the value created by the interdependency of talent, not by an individual — and it’s time for a new social contract for teams.

Want to get something done? Form a squad, a troupe, a battalion—a team. The basic organizing principle of a productive society has always been a team. But today, teams suck. Twenty years ago, we were told there were five dysfunctions of a team. In a more volatile, networked, diverse, and inclusive world than the one Pat Lencioni wrote about all those years ago, we're still settling for 10% when we should be shooting for 10x. The result? Teams are among the least curated and poorest performing attributes of business and society today. We've over-indexed on leadership and all-but-ignored the value that lies in the interdependency of talent in teams. We need to think about the social contract of teamship—not leadership—to solve the most pressing problems we face as the world continues to become more complex. When teams commit to adopting highly-collaborative behaviors that nurture psychological safety and build trust, we create a dynamic of constant and unbounded co-creation where each interdependent team member shares responsibility for crossing the finish line together.

10 Shifts to Becoming a Dream Team

How to Develop a New Social Contract for Teams by Radically Elevating the Collaboration of Teams to Achieve Breakthrough Performance
In an era where virtual and hybrid teams have become permanent fixtures, and now AI is an ever present teammate, the key to success lies in forging a new social contract. This keynote is your guide to unlocking the potential of your teams, fostering a culture of innovation that transcends boundaries and elevates your team’s success.

During this thought-provoking  keynote Keith will:
Discuss high return practices that empower exceptional teams to break free from outdated behaviors, fostering lasting and transformative change. 
Share insights and strategies needed to propel your team into the future, where high achievement is not just a goal but a tangible reality. 
Provide strategic alignment to help individuals understand the broader strategic focus and how their roles and actions contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Keith Ferrazzi
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Keith Ferrazzi

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