Kayla Delzer Dornfeld | 2020 Top Educator of the Year. 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year. Internationally Awarded 3rd Grade Teacher

Kayla Delzer Dornfeld

2020 Top Educator of the Year. 2019 North Dakota Teacher of the Year. Internationally Awarded 3rd Grade Teacher

Kayla Delzer Dornfeld
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Education Write Nowby Kayla Delzer Dornfeld

Education Write Now

by Kayla Delzer Dornfeld

Kayla Delzer Dornfeld
Featured Keynote Programs

Reimagining Education
Teachers as Learners and Students as Leaders (KEYNOTE)

In this passionate talk, kindergarten teacher Kayla Dornfeld speaks about her mission to revitalize learning, relationships, and the classroom environment. Kayla explains how to release the power in the classroom by giving students ownership of their learning and making it relevant to them. Her students conquer amazing tasks by embracing purposeful technology. Published on Oct 13, 2015 via TEDx - This keynote is an expanded version of her popular TEDx talk.

Participants will leave this session with:
• Ideas to build meaningful relationships with students and connect with a Professional Learning Network (PLN)
• Strategies to embrace purposeful technology
• Actions to make every school year epic
• Practical ideas to implement to improve and build strong relationships between teachers and students and teachers and parents

Redesigned Learning Spaces
A Flexible Approach (KEYNOTE/WORKSHOP)

If we take a look at classrooms over the past 100 years, we are seeing the same type of learning environments, year after year. The world is changing, yet our classrooms are being designed much the same. Revitalizing space and incorporating flexible seating is a straightforward way to let students exercise choice in the learning environment and find academic success on their own terms.

Participants will leave this session with:

• Practical tips, strategies, research, pedagogy, and ideas to implement flexible seating in your classroom or school

• Management strategies to turn your classroom into flexible seating, student-led "Starbucks for Kids" learning space

Bring the World to Your Classroom! (WORKSHOP)

Learn to take your students -- no matter how young -- anywhere from outer space, to the Minnesota Zoo, to classrooms in other states and countries. Discuss ways to safely encourage virtual exploration and student led classroom social media accounts. Leave this session ready to empower students to virtually “Share Their Story” and bring the world to your classroom.

Teaching With Heart (KEYNOTE/WORKSHOP)

Kayla is a firm believer in making school a place where all kids want to be, not somewhere they have to be. Through high engagement activities, a creative classroom design approach, and placing relationships at the top of her priority list, Kayla is able to make her classroom inviting, exciting, and full of love. Join her in her mission to put relationships first, and everything else second.

Kayla Delzer Dornfeld
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Kayla Delzer Dornfeld

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