Karen Mills

Karen Mills cancer, female, NSB Karen Mills cancer, female, NSB

Karen Mills Bio

Karen Mills has made a career out of making people laugh. She's been a nationally touring comedian for 25 years and can be heard daily on Sirius / XM comedy channels. Karen has appeared on ABC, GAC and most recently on season 12 of America's Got Talent. Karen has a straight-forward approach to the realities of life. Her smart, funny, keen observations will keep you laughing at yourself as you relate to her experiences. Even ovarian cancer couldn't stop her from turning pain into punchlines. Diagnosed in 2013 after a routine checkup, Karen was determined to take on the disease with hope and humor. Now cancer free, her mission is to inspire people to love, laugh and approach everything life hands you with a positive attitude. In 2016, Karen was chosen to give her talk "Cancer is a Laughing Matter" at TEDxChattanooga. Karen has faced every challenge with determination. She stands at 5'2" and was told more than once that she was too short to play basketball. Not only did she play, in 1981 she led the nation in assists and became the first, division 1 first team All-American in UT-Chattanooga's history. Karen was the first UTC athlete to earn that distinction in any sport, male or female. Her #12 uniform was retired and she became the first female inducted into Chattanooga's Basketball Hall of Fame. Since surviving cancer, Karen has been hailed for her ability to bring humor and inspiration to difficult topics and is now a sought after keynote speaker. Her positive message, strong stage presence and entertaining style has landed her on numerous stages for a variety of audiences, including survivor events, women's health conferences, commencement addresses and many more. Whether you are looking for straight, laugh out loud comedy or comedy with a message, clean comedian Karen Mills can inspire, energize and bring any crowd together through the joy of laughter.