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Julie Williamson

Chief Growth Enabler for Karrikins Group

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Vice President of Strategy + Research for Karrikins Group, Julie Williamson has worked around the world with some of the largest companies, helping them set and execute on strategy and transformation. At the same time, she has worked with small, local organizations (for-profit, non-profit, and government) to drive success as they seek to grow their revenue and their impact on their communities.

Julie is an educator and a professional, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses on ...

Karrikins Group is the quintessential partner. They are simultaneously rigorous and creative, bringing the highest degree of professionalism to the project. They are confident, but humble enough to listen and partner. We couldn’t ask for a better partner on our journey to changing the lives of young Americans.

Dr. Julie Heath, Director of Economics Center and Professor - University of Cincinnati

I wanted to let you know that my team and those who’ve seen me grow throughout the years said that this morning’s keynote was the best I ever delivered. I can’t thank you enough for all of your coaching, support and encouragement. It made a difference. You made a difference in my life – my confidence and how I show up.

enna Ballestrino, HR Director - Microsoft

They are a group of people that help you think forward. They encourage change and question current methods and framework of addressing the market. They help you think about your plans from a very different perspective because they bring knowledge of multiple industries to help solve problems creatively.

Eva Vyas, Founding Partner - Indigo440

We have worked with Karrikins Group to reframe our go to market thinking. Not only do they provide a fresh view on how to approach the ever changing market, they do it in such a way as to build buy in and excitement among our team. They are thorough, optimistic and effective. In my mind one of the best values in a consulting engagement we have had.

Don Casey, CEO of Medical Segment - Cardinal Health

The decision framework that Karrikins Group provided will serve as the foundation for how we collaborate and build agreements in the future as well as will be highly leveraged within each of our individual organizations. Karrikins Group has greatly enhanced our executive leadership and strategic decision making.

Tamara Vrooman, CEO - Vancity
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