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Julie Williamson Bio

Vice President of Strategy + Research for Karrikins Group, Julie Williamson has worked around the world with some of the largest companies, helping them set and execute on strategy and transformation. At the same time, she has worked with small, local organizations (for-profit, non-profit, and government) to drive success as they seek to grow their revenue and their impact on their communities.

Julie is an educator and a professional, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses on organizational strategy, behavior, and change, and helping students connect the theoretical concepts to real-world applications. Her work with knowledge management and leadership development has been put to the test with Fortune 100 companies and stands well outside of the classroom.

Her work with Peter Sheahan on the recently released book MATTER: Create more value, move beyond the competition, and become the obvious choice highlights Julie's commitment to working with clients to find and deliver on opportunities for growth and development.

Julie has worked in many industries, including telecom and cable, health care, utilities, financial services, and CPG. In consulting, Julie is particularly interested in working with clients on customer to brand and employee to brand connections and engagement, and building strategies focused on growth

As a speaker and an author, Julie focuses on several key areas, including:

Creating culture with intention, for example, a culture of innovation
Building organizations that Matter, and that consistently are the obvious choice for their customers, employees, and communities
Developing organizational resiliency, where employees cannot just survive but thrive in turbulent times
Pushing leaders to set, design, and communicate strategies for achieving growth goals, and then articulating that in effective ways
Finding and giving voice to what's "really happening" as a company sets a new strategic goal