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Jorge Valenzuela: Lifelong Learning Defined
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Jorge Valenzuela: Modeling Classroom Facilitation With Students using PBL
Jorge Valenzuela: Computational Thinker's Project

Jorge Valenzuela

About Jorge Valenzuela

Jorge Valenzuela is an education coach, author, and advocate. He has years of experience as a teacher, a curriculum specialist, and a consultant. Using action research methodology, his work helps school leaders and teachers reach their unique success paths to innovation in school leadership, tiered instruction, project-based learning, computer science and STEM education, and social and emotional learning across the curriculum. Jorge is an adjunct professor at Old Dominion University and the ...

Every educator needs this training! This is not my first time hearing about PBL, but it only took ten minutes for me to realize what I was preparing would have been ineffective. The pace of this workshop was developed in a way that allowed novice educators to grow without slowing down educators who were fine tuning their PBL skills.

Senate Moshoeshoe

SEL Master Class truly allows teachers to analyze and reflect on supporting students' social and emotional needs. Mr. Valenzuela provides various opportunities for all educators to reflect on their practices and share them with educators across the state. From exploring student emotional intelligence to empathy maps, all resources allow for practical use right away. Even math teachers can explore ways to integrate SEL and mathematics. Mr. Valenzuela allows the connections to form through careful questioning and facilitated conversations with collaborative norms. I highly recommend this Master Class for educators nationwide at any stage in their teaching journey!

Bannockburn School

The PBL Master Class was awesome. It was engaging and very relevant. Our department was able to start plans for implementing our Pitsco Expeditions in our new STEM Lab. There was great discussion on empathy and SEL as well, and how to best make the lessons attainable for ALL students.

Rocquina Vaughan

I would definitely recommend the PBL Master Class with Jorge Valenzuela, primarily because he introduces, models, and provides work time to develop and understand what Project Based Learning is, as well as allowing us to build a foundation of knowledge with respect to the framework we need as educators, to actively engage students; being able to learn to guide students by their strengths, interests, and necessary needs.

Shannon Xiques

The PBL Master Class with Jorge Valenzuela is an excellent way to learn how to teach using Project Based Learning. Jorge gives detailed instructions and plenty of examples, especially in content areas where authentic projects seem above the content. Jorge also includes teaching tips and SEL strategies that can be used with PBL.

Camille Moore

This brought so much clarity to STEM education in relation to coding and why we need maker space in every educational institution (pre-k-university). The way Mr. Valenzuela made connections to the different CS content areas as well as SEL (confidence, culture, etc.) was done in a way that helped me better see the impact of STEM education on not just my class, but in their future and in other classes as well.

Bethany Thomas
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