John Y. Brown Jr.

John Y. Brown Jr.

Developed Kentucky Fried Chicken & Kentucky Governor

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Lexington, KY, United States
About John Y. Brown Jr.

When you bring John Y. Brown Jr. to your stage, you bring a pioneer in building the restaurant business. You bring a unique speaker with service to both the corporate and public sectors. You bring to your audience Brown's talent for using an "entrepreneurial approach by thinking out of the box."

Governor Brown has been the featured or keynote speaker over 1,000 times. His audiences range from corporate events such as Amway's Convention, the Norman Vincent Peale Annual Conference, and for ...

Governor Brown is a genius in his field, and his expertise and magnetic persona are like no other . . . he has been an inspiration of many entrepreneurs to build major food companies.

George Naddaff - Chairman & CEO, UFood Grill Founder, Boston Market
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