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CEO, Consultant and Entrepreuer Creates Breakthroughs in Performance

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Joe Healey

Joe's life and work have been featured in the Wall Street Journal. His career as a banker, entrepreneur, and CEO or general manager of three companies provides a valuable and authentic perspective on change and leadership. Wall Street Journal writer, Sue Shellenbarger, called Joe Healey a "pioneer and renaissance man whose content is filled with distilled wisdom."

He is the author of "Radical Trust: How Today's Great Leaders Convert People to Partners" (NY: John Wiley & Sons, 2007). It has been hailed as a "fresh" and "inspiring" idea-packed tool. Radical Trust equips managers to fuel growth, attract and retain talent, and create an organization clients love.

Joe is currently both a consultant and the CEO of FASTER Asset Solutions, Inc. (formerly CCG Systems). FASTER is the best of breed fleet management system for large vehicle fleets (City, Police, Universities, Cable Companies ). It was founded in 1982. Joe is restructuring the company to evolve into an ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan). This company is an inspiring example of how culture and values drives success.

Joe's consulting practice was founded in 1989 and has equipped professionals to master change and grow revenue by developing leaders and sales professionals. He has served clients on four continents.

His continuing role as a CEO of a rapid growth professional service and technology company insures that you get inspiration and substance that is relevant today! Joe's past experience as a CEO of a rapid-growth retail chain provides ideas that provide traction to those that are in high-volume, low margin businesses. His hands-on work as a consultant/general manager running companies as a turn-around expert means that Joe can relate to people that are feeling the press of tough-times and the challenges competition brings. Joe's motivational insights are refined by the real-world and touch people far more because they come from someone who has been there.

His story-telling is woven from a radical business and personal life. One of his many adventures includes Joe, his wife Jill, and their three children settling into a customized motor home for 18-months of exploring. They traveled, schooled, and discovered together venturing through 44 states and into Mexico and Canada.

Voted "World's Best Presenter" by journalists in 2000, his unique message and inspiring style have made him a sought-after speaker on change, leadership and unleashing the power of trust to fuel growth.

The last two decades of Joe's career has involved speaking to and working with the world's largest corporations and the most successful small-business enterprises. And, he intimately understands the challenges of creating success. In Joe's early career he endured great adversity as he built a small-business while he and his wife raised three small children.

Joe lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia with his family. He serves on the board of the at-risk-youth development program, Youth Entertainment Studios.

How the Best & Brightest Innovate and Build Success

Joe opens this engaging keynote with a powerful story that was featured in the Wall Street Journal that reveals how he personally implemented the break-through insights he will share. He then launches into a flurry of inspirational stories about great innovators and drills-down with each story to a key tip on leadership.

So the first 25-minutes are a riveting series of great stories that each are punctuated by a key take-home idea that promotes efficiency and fosters high-level communication. He then launches into a fun and energizing exercise with the audience (works great whether you have 50 or 1000 attendees). This exercise stimulates energy, laughter and a memorable back & forth between Joe and the audience that leads to some powerful ah-has that effective marketers and change-agents use to influence. He then drives the audience to an emotional high by taking the audience back to his amazing journey and sharing insights from his rich and dynamic personal successes.

This talk will expose the roots of what it takes to be successful in this age of multi-generations, constant change and information overload. Joe's genuine, practical and inspiring style has resonated with audiences as diverse as ag-bankers in rural South Dakota, marketing directors from Marriott's Asia Pacific Region, fleet managers from small towns and store managers from the GAP's highest producing sales zone, (Midwest) among many others.

Joe will draw from his real-world experience as a founder of a 7-store retail chain, corporate sales and operations executive and 18-years as a sought after consultant. His years as a turn-around consultant specializing in creating growth and managing complex change efforts will ensure you get real-world insights. His award-winning speaking style and story-telling will insure you are entertained and inspired as you learn practical take-home insights.

Outcomes--in addition to inspiration and some fun, your audience will learn:

--What the best and brightest are doing to get stellar results.
--How to develop influence that sells your ideas.
-How to inspire break-through thinking.
--How to cultivate innovative thinking.
--How to create an atmosphere that inspires and retains talent.
--What you need to know about the future in order to be a person of influence.

Time Frames:
Keynote: 45 to 90 minutes
Workshop 1.5 to 3 hours

Get Radical
Success at Work & a Life You Love

For people working in a world where customers demand value and competition demands doing more with less, life and work can be a roller-coaster ride that erodes performance and satisfaction. But Joe proves that having the proper "positive tensiontm" in your life not only drives huge success, but creates a quality life and a quality person who achieves more. In this fun and extremely inspiring session Joe will provide stories that move you to apply his clear principles that will make you radical.

These ideas are timely for time-starved professionals and will provide real ideas to improve a person's energy, creativity and outlook at work and home.

Permit Joe to shift your thinking right now. He will use real-life case-studies from his consulting practice--not theory. This will provide both credibility and traction for your audience who may well be tired of trendy, fluff oriented motivation. This is a fresh approach based on substance. So be prepared for a unique set of ideas and to be challenged to think more innovatively about your business opportunities and life and how you engage them.

Joe will start this session with a rapid fire set of inspiring examples of radical success that will put your audience on the edge of their seat. He will then take them to giddy laughter through an energizing exercise he will use to get them to face an important realization about themselves. He will then close this keynote with powerful and personal stories that will generate a lasting emotional response. This keynote is designed with real adult learning techniques in mind starting with engaging the intellect, jumping to the power of humor and self evaluation and closing with emotion-generating stories.

Time Frames:
Keynote 45 to 90 minutes
Workshop 1.5 to 3 hours
Seminar 3 to 6 hours

Breakout Sessions that Can Accompany this Keynote:

Transforming Teams

Getting It All Done & Still Putting People First

Leadership that engages

  Say it right, Say it Now--Communication for Busy People

Unlocking Trust: The Key to Gain Cooperation, Creativity...

Winning Presentations

How to Turn Challenge into Opportunity

Joe will share his heart-warming experience of how he built a seven-store retail business from the ground up as a young man and saw it ravaged by a ring of 12 thieves. His gritty struggle to keep his company alive and encourage his loyal employees while navigating extreme challenges will inspire your audience. The devastating affects of broken trust, sudden loss of employees and high stress Joe experienced will validate Joe for your audience as a person who has been there.

He will intertwine the inescapable fact that our personal and professional lives are bound together and need to be dealt with as a whole instead of the modern day tendency to compartmentalize. Joe and his wife Jill were living the American dream until rapid growth created an opportunity for theft they did not anticipate. This challenging situation came in the midst of them raising their three very young children; all under the age of four.

Joe will share valuable insights that he gleaned from this crucible that made him a sought-after consultant who was able to take these lessons and turn-around other businesses. Your audience will be inspired to hear how these core principles learned in a time of extreme adversity enable Joe to turn challenge into opportunity.

He will amaze your audience with where these lessons took him professionally and personally. Your audience will be just as intrigued by Joe's story as the Wall Street Journal writer who did a feature story on his unusual life and who called Joe: "a pioneer and renaissance man."

Outline for workshop:
(Joe's keynote centers key stories around three of the below insights.)

--Who you are determines how far you go.
--How to develop from a group into a team.
--How to build a foundation for performance success.
--Re-tooling motivation into a force that propels.
--How to respond to what appears to be never-ending adversity.
--How to reinvent without burnout.
--Putting relationships and service 1st.
--Planning for action and executing for success.


This session will equip individuals and teams to deal with a rapid pace that is filled with challenges and the need for results. Specific action-items will be presented that when practiced create more fulfillment and satisfaction in spite of busy schedules and difficult people. Realistic strategies that create the kind of balance that leads to high levels of personal service and contribution will be clearly defined. Be ready for people to look differently at their challenges and their work.

Time Frames:
Keynote 45 to 90 minutes
Workshop 1.5 to 3 hours

Beyond Generational Differences
Success Thru Trust

Rather than focus on the differences this session focuses on the leadership traits that need to be developed that will engage different generations and cultures.

A study of effective leaders will yield a clear message that there are fundamental leadership traits that appeal to all generations and all cultures. The problem is that many leaders practice leadership in a way that only appeals to the generation in which they were raised. They have gaps in their leadership that their generation may forgive or not notice. But these gaps stand out and get in the way of others that have a different perspective.

The good news is that this means that the issue is not an insurmountable generational or cultural gap. Instead of focusing on the negative generational differences, there is an opportunity for leaders to grow to a higher level of effectiveness. Simply put, it is more challenging to lead multi-generational and multi-cultural groups. And this session equips leaders for that challenge.

We will not waste time bemoaning the negative traits that different groups possess. In the market-place of management ideas, there is too much time spent pointing out the differences of generations and not enough time spent on solutions. This session will identify the four keys to leadership that are important to all generations and cultures. It will help managers identify where they have gaps in their style that if modified will equip them to lead more effectively. These four keys will be broken into practical and inspiring take-home insights that are immediately applicable.


--How people of all ages and cultures respond.
--Changing barriers into bridges.
--How to foster a culture so that everyone is creative and innovative.
--Defining "fun" from "their" perspective.
--Defining "value" from "their" perspective.
--How to build trust.
--How to foster team commitment.
--How to strengthen dialogue.
--Leadership secrets that cause multiple generations to say: "Yes, I love it here!."

Time Frames:
Keynote: 45 to 90 minutes
Workshop 1.5 to 3 hours
Seminar 3 to 6 hours

Breakout Sessions that Can Accompany this as a Keynote:

--Transform Teams Into Fun & Innovative "Platers"
--Getting It All Done & Still Putting People First
--Leadership, Coaching and Supervisory Skills
--Communication Skills for Leaders
--How to Build Trust
--Fantastic Presentations

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