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Joe has consistently demonstrated a willingness and ability to improve the quality of people's lives. He has developed a reputation for delivering high content programs that inspire as well as entertain.
Stephen R. Covey - Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Joe is an outstanding presenter and an exceptional human being. His strong values and unwavering integrity along with his intelligence and skills as a speaker make his presentations dynamic, thought-provoking and results-oriented.
Minaz Abji, Executive Vice President - Asset Management Host Hotels & Resorts
In the past decade, we have utilized Joe's services to present to our executive team, our management team, and our sales team. Joe consistently helps us improve our performance through his focus on principles, practices, and priorities.
Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing - Carnival Cruise Lines
Joe Calhoon has given us the focus and direction we were lacking to grow our company and make it more profitable. He impressed even the skeptics in our company with his presentation . . . Joe is a joy!
Ana Ochoa, President - Ana Ochoa & Company Real Estate
You are a conference organizer's dream. You show up early, get to know the group, are well organized to the max and pay attention to the small detail. All this, while delivering superb content. Wow.
Edward W. McLaughlin, Associate Professor of Marketing - Cornell University
If you are seeking to make a lasting impact, look to Joe Calhoon! He always leads with integrity and personal warmth which facilitates his outstanding content.
Lloyd Hill, Chairman & CEO - Applebee's International, Inc.
Rarely in one's life do you meet someone who can have a lasting impact on both your professional and personal life. Joe is one of those special people. We've been the #1 store in our 219 franchise store Cruise Holidays chain for 10 straight years!
Mark and Mimi Comfort - Cruise Holidays of Kansas City
For those who are interested in a higher quality of life, Joe Calhoon is a man who shares timeless principles in a most acceptable manner, so that you know you are hearing the things you not only want to hear, but the things you need to hear, as well.
Zig Ziglar - Author, See You At The Top