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Jody Urquhart NSB, healthcare, humor, Motivation, motivational Jody Urquhart NSB, healthcare, humor, Motivation, motivational
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Jody Urquhart: Speaking Reel
Jody Urquhart: Create an Uplifting Event
Jody Urquhart: Shake up Your Status Quo
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Jody Urquhart

Combining Humor and Motivation

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About Jody Urquhart

Fed up with living a mediocre life, Jody decided she wanted a memorable one instead. Her unyielding ambition fuelled her into the world of stand-up comedy, a place where she learned to roll with the punch lines and turn life’s lemons into delicious lemonade.

Jody is a motivational speaker and participates in over 100 events per year.

Her mission is simple, to eagerly empower worn-out professionals with humour, hindsight and hallelujahs. She firmly believes it’s not what you do that ...

"People really enjoyed Jody.
Feedback showed she was one
of the best speakers they
have ever heard."


"Highly recommend Jody.
Your audience will never be
disappointed. Universal message
that resonates with all


"Job well done, absolutely
inspiring. It's important to note
that there wasn't one negative
or critical comment."

The Canadian Society of Club Managers

"Jody was hilarious -
great presentation, kept
interest high."

United States Army

I can't say enough great things about Jody. Our attendees loved her, she was funny and kept the audience engaged, and was active and energetic. She roams the stage and the audience, avoiding the traditional podium presentation. Our folks just couldn't get enough. She sold out all of her books and stayed after and talked one-on-one with many of our folks too.

Danelle A. Prezioso Vice President, Communications - Construction Managers Association of America

Thank you so much for coming in and speaking/motivating Discovers Consumer Banking on the topic of change. We are receiving great feedback in our survey, particularly around your presentation.

Cindy Schwartz - Discover Financial Services
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