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Find Immediate Balance in a Fast Paced World

Do your days often feel overwhelming? Does your life resemble a three ring circus? If so, you're not alone. 

Many of us get trapped in patterns of self made busyness to avoid uncertainty. 

We fill our day with menial tasks to avoid doing the important ones.  

When your busyness is tied to your worthiness, it's hard not to take yourself seriously at work. 

Join us in this comedic adventure to expose the busyness patterns that overwhelm you and others.   

Together we will beat back busyness once and for all when you discover that you are not the problem you are the solution.


3 Signs your Working Harder Not Smarter

Uncover Personal Patterns that Diminish your Productivity 

4 TIme and Energy Drainers When Working from Home

To Take Yourself Lightly and Sustain Balance

Know Why you do Things the Hard Way

About Motivational Speaker Jody Urquhart

Is your Audience Worn out? Exhausted? Bleary Eyed?

People experiencing burnout often don't see any hope of positive change. 

But their circumstances do not define who they are. They only remind them how far they have come and what they can achieve. We don't get better despite challenges in our work but because of them.

When your busyness is tied to your worthiness, change is all-consuming. 

My goal is to help people leave burnout behind, realize their potential and become the best version of themselves. 

Hustle Hangover

Make Passion Your Priority & Leave Struggle Behind

Do workloads hang over your head from one day to the next? Is hustling around chasing after problems your daily priority? Does your day leave you feeling worn out? If so, you may have a hustle hangover.
Hustling after problems may be driving your results instead of purpose and inspiration. Hard work may be crowding out joy but you need feelings of happiness and success to fuel progress. This uplifting keynote will inspire you to leave the stress and struggle behind in favour of passion and purpose. You can get more done with less stress.
It all comes down to this: Joy is not a goal, it's a feeling. It's not something you have to work for, it's something you have. Learn to rely on this innate passion to build positive momentum early on in your day to propel you forward. This keynote speech will inspire you to unleash wild positive emotion on your day and the vitality will move you forward.
This hilarious and inspiring keynote is based on Jody's new book, Hustle Hangover.
Rediscover Passion and Joy as a Catalyst for Results & Innovation
Find Opportunity and Potential in Uncertainty
Build Positive Momentum
Use Joy to Disrupt Stress
Focus Forward on Solutions instead of making Problems a Priority
Do More with Less and Love it

This Would Be Funny...If It Wasn't Happening To Me! How to Embrace Change with Enthusiasm and Vigor

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Do you ever think, "Why can't things just go the way I want for a change?" or "Why can't people just leave me alone?" This hilarious and provocative presentation shows you how to face your stress instead of running and hiding. Embrace challenging situations and people with new ideas, innovation and conviction.

This compelling motivational speech will increase your comfort and confidence in the face of stress and change. Explore how the only way out is through and that it can actually be fun to embrace life challenges. Learn to do more with less and love it. Embrace the chaos of change with conviction and vitality.

Your audience will learn to:

• Derive strength from change
• Understand the 3 ways we serve and where you and your team stand
• Embrace work with new conviction and vitality
• Get your team on board with change
• Keep the daily grind engaging
• Transform bad into good
• Recognize the 3 stages of serving others through change and where you stand
• Laugh when things go wrong
• Summon your strength, courage, and talent during the topsy-turvy times in your life
• How to bring others kicking and screaming into this century
• Laugh at your own inner dramas
• Stop running from your own shadow
• Discover your areas of resistance. Know where you are stuck
• Push through resistance and gain confidence for the future
• Learn to empower others to get on with it

I Love My Job. It's the People I Can't Stand!

Join us in this hilariously interactive, practical and inspiring motivational speech that shows you how to develop healthy communication patterns with anyone.

You can learn to handle the most difficult situations and the most challenging people and how to get through to others without giving in. Never again fall victim to those who love to make life miserable for the rest of us! Knowing how to deal with difficult people at work will allow you to approach your job with more enjoyment and your coworkers with greater confidence.

Cooperation, collaboration, and compromise will improve workplace satisfaction…and productivity! Build a more productive, enjoyable and efficient workplace for everyone. Learn the 4 basic personality styles, what they need and what they mean.

Understand how to adjust your message to different people and personalities to appeal to their convictions

Jody Urquhart
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