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Dr. Borysenko absolutely engaged the audience with her dynamic, thought-provoking concepts wrapped in her wonderful personal anecdotage
Jane Callahan - The Indianapolis Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Dr. Borysenko is a wonderful speaker! She incorporates evidence, life stories, and practical tips in a way that is meaningful and inspiring. We could not be happier with her as a keynote.
Carole A. Bartolotto, MA, RD - Kaiser Permanente, Regional Health Education
Her warm presence & the depth of her knowledge were a remarkable combination. The experiential aspects of the workshop were beautifully woven into the teaching and her personal stories were a gift. Joan is extremely sensitive to the needs of the audience.
Judi Goldstein, LSW, Conference Chair - The Renfrew Center Foundation
. . .Joan flexed her message to address the audience interested in data and scientific evidence. One of the thought leaders remarked that "Joan brought a new perspective on a subject of behavioral health that he had been wrestling with for over a year."
Arlene L. Reilly, AVP - Nationwide Better Health, Columbus, Ohio