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Jimmy Casas, Education Motivation, Business Motivational, Leadership Speaker, Creativity in Education Culturize, EdCamp, education, principal, Business Leadership Jimmy Casas, Education Motivation, Business Motivational, Leadership Speaker, Creativity in Education Culturize, EdCamp, education, principal, Business Leadership

Jimmy Casas Text Reviews

Jimmy was dynamic and inspiring and gave lots of powerful takeaways for moving schools from average to excellence. One principal told me later, "This is exactly what I needed." Another attendee, an instructional director, said, "Jimmy got me so excited I wanted to run through the wall!" Jimmy also facilitated our EdCamp sessions and efficiently led everyone through choosing sessions, he participated in the discussions, and he kept us on track through transitions. I highly recommend Jimmy as a speaker, coach, presenter, and facilitator. He is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to see others fired up to better serve schools. Every one of our attendee evaluations ranked the day as excellent!
Will Parker, Executive Director - Oklahoma Association of Secondary Principals
Mr. Casas was inspirational, honest, engaging and passionate as he spoke to our faculty and staff about striving for excellence, building relationships with students, and accepting change as we implement a 1:1 technology initiative. 85% of those completing a survey after his presentation rated Jimmy as "The best they've ever seen" and "Great." I was so inspired by his message and I think he is doing every school he visits a huge service by helping them to see that attitude and emotional investment creates more outcomes than any other strategy that could facilitate learning.
Kristy McGrath, Curriculum/Data Coordinator - South Lewis Central School District, Turin, New York
Jimmy can relate to anyone in the education field, whatever capacity you work with kids you will find Jimmy not only relevant but valuable. Jimmy spoke with our teachers and administrators and everyone walked away reflecting on their own practices. If you are looking for an engaging, powerful speaker who makes you think about your systems, processes and procedures Jimmy is your man. You will walk away striving to not only make yourself excellent but also to make those around you excellent!
Nick Napolitano, Principal - Taylor Middle School Fauquier County Public Schools
Jimmy not only energized and inspired the group with his keynote, but he also worked directly with small groups and with principals specifically to help them think through what they can do to become more student-centered. A day with Jimmy always leaves you thinking, inspired, and ready to act.
Mary Ann Wolf, Director of Digital Learning Programs - The Friday Institute, North Carolina State University
Jimmy Casas is the best speaker our district has ever hosted! In just two hours, our staff came away motivated, hopeful and upbeat. His message challenged our teachers, yet it reconnected them with their core as educators - loving kids. Jimmy took our staff on a whirlwind rollercoaster as our teachers went from roaring with laughter to silent, serious reflection, and back again, within minutes. Our staff was up on their feet and engaged, and their feedback was striking, summarizing Jimmy's presentation as: "awesome," inspiring," "just what we needed," "uplifting," "genuine," and "super cool.
Seamus Campbell, Director of Curriculum & Instruction - High Point Regional District, New Jersey
Jimmy's enthusiasm and approach in the pursuit of excellence in serving staff, students, and families is infectious. He forced us to reflect inward instead of outward. Our administrators came away with tools they could use immediately in the hiring process and our entire staff left inspired and challenged. Jimmy did an outstanding job energizing staff for the coming year and setting the stage for us to move beyond average to excellence. One teacher was overheard saying. "I've been accepting my own "averageness" for too long and that's going to change this year!" Thank you Jimmy!
Grant Corliss, Executive Director of Elementary Schools - Hillsboro, Oregon
Jimmy challenged our status quo and pushed us to reach for excellence, never allowing us or our staff to "fall to average." After working with Jimmy, we have new set of skills and a common language that will propel our year towards our mission. We had such a great experience, next year is already booked with him!
Cindy Couchman, Associate Superintendent - Buhler USD #313, Buhler, Kansas
"Jimmy Casas spent a day with the administrative team at the Flemington Raritan School District this past July. Jimmy is passionate, engaging and helped our team reflect on who we are and what we need to do and be to continue to move our school district forward. Jimmy challenges us all to live and work with purpose and to bring a "no excuses" approach to everything we do when it comes to our work and passions in education. We all walked away better from our time together".
Mike Mitchell, Supervisor of Technology - Flemington Raritan School District
Jimmy did an outstanding job in his keynote address and breakout session for our annual conference. His passion for connecting both digitally and face to face was inspirational. The message that the time to act is now resonated with the conference theme and our participants. Our State has made a significant investment in improving educational performance and a commitment to moving outcomes in the right direction, quickly. We thank him for sharing his energy, enthusiasm and compelling content with us!
Gloria Dopf, Former Deputy Superintendent - Nevada Department of Education