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Customer Service: Straight Talk About Customer Loyalty

Consider the following: Any investment we make in teaching members of the company how to treat customers will out perform all other investments we make for the organization. Companies need to realize that it takes happy and skilled personnel to create and support a quality customer service...

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Leadership is Not About Being Macho: Instead of Becoming a Legend, Leave a Legacy

No one in his or her right mind wants to be left out and not be counted. Every individual looks for the assurance of being recognized and to know that they have made some contribution to humanity.

Anyone can lead… then comes the question, "Will anyone follow?" Helping individuals to uncover and...

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Mastering Change: In Life, Career and Workplace

Fact: Most individuals find it difficult to deal with change. Why? I often hear the following responses: "The fear of failure," "The fear of the unknown," "People set in their ways," "People like routine and familiarity," and the list goes on.

Remember, one of the major reasons that many resist...

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Motivation: Find Your Niche or Stay in a Ditch

It can be a conscious or unconscious decision to fall into, or even worst, create a ditch in your life or career. It is sad, but true, that a majority of individuals are trapped in a DITCH. Ditch…? No way, you think, but that ditch, in many cases, is better known as a 'rut,' which has been...

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Our Gift in Diversity: Maximizing and Embracing Our Commonalities

"If I had known then what I know now," maybe I would have responded better. We do not want you to have any regrets or guilt. Remaining Teachable will play a major role towards our success. Inclusion (Diversity) must be brought to the attention of every individual within the company to ensure...

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Persuasion: Mastering the Disciplines of Persuasion, Sales and Negotiation

How is it that some individuals make it look so easy in the areas of persuasion and negotiation? Then there are those who seem to have difficulty in these areas. Studying and mastering these disciplines can be very rewarding.

First of all, you may be familiar with the phrase, "Knowledge is...

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Youth Programs: Leadership in Training: What's in Your Backpack? Packing for Success in Life

As individuals, we choose to build our lives on negatives or positives. We no longer have the luxury of waiting until something happens. Yes, we all have a 'backpack,' and throughout our lives we fill it with values that will shape our future. We must make choices and understand that whatever...

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