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Simple Happiness
What do people want out of life? Money? Fame? Power? Happiness. In this dynamic seminar Jim emphasizes that happiness is a choice--you can have it all! He examines eight characteristics of happy people, challenging his audience to look deep within to recognize their true potential and to set the...
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Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal
Being in the present moment is all that matters. Discover the benefits of following your bliss, uncovering your genius, and realizing your highest potential. In this program, Jim offers a wider perspective for his audience so they can be more objective observers of their lives. Through a...
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Live the Life of Your Dreams
Create a vision of who you want to be. Learn to listen to your heart, create a vision of the person you want to become and take away realistic solutions on how to make your dreams a reality. This interactive program gives the audience advice on how to break through stress, allow their minds to...
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Happy People Make Successful Companies
Happy people are good team players; they inspire and encourage co-workers; they are more focused and goal-oriented and infuse the workplace with positive energy. Jim Ryan can partner with your organization to create a personal development program tailored to the culture and dynamic of your...
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