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Fostering Cultures of Inclusion

A highly interactive workshop that provides participants the opportunity to overcome the limiting notions of mainstream diversity and to celebrate themselves and others for the unique contributions that they bring. This workshop focuses on key objectives such as exploring how diversity impacts the
bottom line and understanding how demographic changes within the workplace influence internal and external interactions. We seek to increase the understanding of diversity and empathy to provide new opportunities for growth and development.

Restoring Trust and Confidence
How to Recover from Diversity Foot in the Mouth

Mutual understanding and appreciation creates opportunities for diverse teams to reach new levels of success, however diversity-related communication mishaps destroy trust and confidence. This workshop provides the tools to make a successful recovery by using mistakes as opportunities to build greater levels of trust. We address key aspects such as ways to personally recover from inappropriate comments, overcoming the fear factor of difficult conversations, reestablishing productive relationships through empathy, and creative techniques to build cultures of appreciation and inclusion.

Blind Spots

prevent us from becoming the people we are meant to be. This transformative workshop helps individuals develop steps to understand and assess how their blind spots impact their decision-making and relationships. We develop ways to work with our blind spots to create opportunities for continual performance improvement.

Transformational Diversity Training Techniques

designed to empower trainers, leaders and others who lead diversity initiatives in their organizations. This program provides key strategies to engage, inspire and create buy-in with participants. We provide techniques to deliver your session with power and purpose, effectively engage reluctant learners and difficult participants, build an environment of safety and trust, and successfully interact with participants one-on-one.

Vital Components of Team Building

is a workshop that teaches the art and science of building successful teams. Through hands on exercises and activities, participants experience teamwork at its best and most challenging including making oneself vulnerable to establish trust, celebrating diversity, effective communication, motivating others and other critical leadership techniques.

Coaching from the Inside-Out

provides critical leadership practices and multicultural communication skills for executives to succeed and support and coach their team members in the long term. This workshop is designed to help participants refine their personal vision of leadership. This workshop catalyzes a call to action by providing an opportunity for mindset shifts, behavior modifications and a customized action plan to adapt to constant change, maximize productivity and reach new levels of success.

Polished Professional Web 2.0

provides game changing insights for developing a professional reputation online and offline. Learn powerful communication techniques, ways to effectively engage with difficult people and positively influence others. Learn how to apply these time tested techniques through social media tools with ways to build your reputation online and gain access to time saving tools that allow you to track topics of interest, share through social media channels such as twitter, tumblr, facebook, blogging and other social media tools.


From Average to Awesome

based upon Jimʼs bestselling book of the same name, this workshop provides key insights on how to live with a renewed sense of passion, power and purpose. The session includes key highlights such as strategies to recover from setbacks, methods for self-reinvention, succeeding in the midst of fear, exceeding the expectations of others, methods for connecting with others and ways to take care of oneself for the long- term.


The No Excuses Workshop

enables participants to turn excuses into opportunities for performance breakthroughs that are driven by personal power and responsibility. Through techniques that empower the individual to take ownership for tangible outcomes, we help to create new levels of personal accountability for our success.


From Average to Awesome.

Self-Reinvention Redefined.

More than a keynote, from Average to Awesome is a transformative journey that puts the participant back in the driverʼs seat of life by engaging the mindset and behaviors that produce awesome outcomes. Jim draws from his book of the same name, providing additional insight into the methods of reinvention, tools for living life with passion and purpose, and ways to connect with all people.

Whoʼs Directing Your Movie?

Personal Power.

During this introspective keynote on professional and personal development, Jim provides insight and passion for taking control of oneʼs life. The key, Jim shares in his high-energy style, is writing your own script, choosing a powerful and generous supporting cast, successfully handling your drama, action packed moments and relentlessly working toward securing positive outcomes. Audiences leave empowered to regain control of their lives and take their personal power to new levels.

Whoʼs Directing Your Movie?

Personal Power.

During this introspective keynote on professional and personal development, Jim provides insight and passion for taking control of oneʼs life. The key, Jim shares in his high-energy style, is writing your own script, choosing a powerful and generous supporting cast, successfully handling your drama, action packed moments and relentlessly working toward securing positive outcomes. Audiences leave empowered to regain control of their lives and take their personal power to new levels.

Oh, Yeah!

Customer Service.

In this high impact presentation, Jim highlights what workers can do to go above and beyond to provide exemplary service. Customer service essentials, habits, best practices and strategies are discussed and provided in an interactive and engaging manner. Participants are empowered to return to their workplaces, searching for opportunities to exceed the expected levels of service, with a new understanding of how positive customer service outcomes can be the difference between keeping and losing customers.


Recovery and Restoration

This self-exploratory keynote examines how to rebound from professional challenges, personal pitfalls and change. During the session we take an in-depth look at our role in creating these situations and how we can respond and grow from such experiences.

Focusing on Key Areas Including
• Empowerment, personal responsibility and
• Driving change while overcoming fear and
• Strategies for coping with toxic people and toxic
• Methods for bouncing back with continual growth
• Strategies to reward oneself and take care of
oneʼs heart

This session will go a long way in helping you stand strong and firm during, and after, those difficult times in life. Weʼre going to help you bounce back and prepare for long term success.

Bringing Out the Best Plus!

From the opening exercise to the closing action “next steps” assignment, this leadership workshop highlights what leaders can do to bring out the best in themselves, their team members, workshoptheir peers and their customers. During this high-energy session, participants interactively explore the following cornerstone leadership components: motivation, communication, diversity, empowerment, trust, staff development, customer advocacy and personal development. The workshop’s objectives are to:

Improve the team members professional and career development
Communicate departmental and organizational standards
Build relationships and motivate the team
Leverage the expertise of the team and its leaders
Build advocacy with your customers

Today’s business environment is extremely competitive. Moreover, today’s workers clamor exposure, development and empowerment opportunities. This can be challenging since, in many cases, distance and time creates an unwelcome void between management and staff. In addition, everyone is SO busy! Leaders are seeking creative methods to motivate and connect with their staff and peers. During the Bringing Out The Best Plus! session leaders really take a hard look at, and practice, what they can do to continuously bring out the best in everyone they come in contact with, thereby enhancing business results. Attendees should come prepared to go beneath the surface, stretch, share and step up — to a new level of leadership.


This high-energy, quick paced workshop highlights what trainers, sales professionals, managers, leaders and anyone who facilitates, speaks, presents or leads meetings can do to make their trainings, meetings, sales calls and presentations more exciting, motivational or engaging.

Objectives include:

Moving from D.B.P.P. (i.e., Death By Power Point) to HEPP (Happy, Engaged, Purposeful Participants)
Utilizing adult learning principles and powerful presentation skills
Creating an empowering learning environment
Reviewing and revisiting content for maximum retention and performance
Dealing with Difficult Participants
Story telling
Measuring and maximizing the content

Awesome Presenter Plus

As professionals we are always on. Our presence, communication behaviors, decorum, tact and service energy are vital for achieving the results we desire. Language, clarity, image and thoroughness play a key factor in every customer interaction. Every participant (e.g., managers, team leaders, individual contributors, project managers, generalists, directors, etc.) who attends this workshopwoman at workshop will be more effective when working with and presenting to customers (internal and external), leaders and with each other. They will be better communicators, engaging, thorough and confident and provide greater impact.

During this two- or three-day, high-energy session participants learn: powerful and engaging presentation, platform and facilitation skills, adult learning theories, proven practices for accelerated learning, group responsibility and learner retention. Participants also learn and practice methods for: opening and closing presentations, reviewing and revisiting content, story telling, developing, preparing and organizing their presentations. Creating an empowering learning and presentation environment and atmosphere, developing personal presence, poise and energy, dealing successfully with difficult presentation situations, overcoming stage-fright and nervousness, applying application methods, asking and answering questions, transitioning, gesturing, voice modulation, eye movement, using visual aids (namely power point and flip charts), and installing pre and post session assessments and goal review are also reviewed and applied.

Stuff Trainers Do in the Classroom that Make People want to SHOUT, sleep or Sneak out!

Get ready for hours of non-stop high-energy, fun, sharing, networking and self-examination as we take a look at the mistakes trainers (and all speaking professionals) do in the classroom that demotivate their learners. Based on Jim’s upcoming book (same title), this session helps both new and experienced trainers, sales professionals, managers and other leaders (actually, any one who speaks in front of audiences), to:

Examine the importance of creating an empowering, productive, motivational learning environment.
Investigate why we make the mistakes that we do
Discuss the importance of engaging the learner’s head and the learner’s heart (and other adult learning principles).
Highlight the crucial presentation skills and platform skills that keep learners soaring – not snoring.
Evaluate ourselves so that we can see what areas (e.g., Facilitation, Visual Aids, Motivation, Adult Learning, Curriculum Design and Preparation) we need to improve in

There’s so much more to training, facilitation and presenting than just information dumping. Many speakers think that just because they taught it (i.e. their content) their learners have caught it OR just because it was said, it’s in their head. In the CRASH AND LEARN workshop we polish, adjust, correct and fine-tune the delivery skills you are currently using.

Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Staying Alive, Staying Alive

This quick-moving session highlights what trainers can do to stay focused, energized and motivated before, during and after their workshops. Particular areas of focus include tips for:

Delivering the same content repeatedly
Inspiring and rejuvenating a tired group
Working effectively with your co-facilitator
Preparing mentally and physically for your session
Getting your participants to take more responsibility, accountability and ownership for their learning

Unleashing Your Persona - Ways to Bring Out the True You (Advanced Facilitation Skills)

This advanced facilitation workshop is for trainers who are ready to take their training to even greater heights.

Trainers enjoy helping people grow, watching their students try on new concepts as they look for ways to apply the key takeaways back on the job (or in the field). Through these myriad experiences and more, WORKSHOPtrainers grow too, evolving into even more effective facilitators. Nevertheless, some trainers believe there’s a level they haven’t yet reached. There’s a standard they haven’t yet obtained. There’s a zone they haven’t yet experienced…at least up to now.

The Unleashing Your Persona workshop helps trainers to discern what’s needed to stretch even more. During this moving, challenging introspective workshop experienced trainers examine the role fearlessness, creativity and theater play in bringing out his/her best.

... trainers will develop a personal plan for unleashing their persona.

In addition, participants will experience the five “Persona Power Principles” as they create a personal action plan for taking their training to heights they’ve never reached before. The session also highlights “The Savvy Seven,” (i.e., seven principles every experienced facilitator should know and master in the classroom). The “Savvy Seven” are:


Through exercises, presentations, self-examination and feedback trainers will develop a personal plan for unleashing their persona.

Diversity Awareness (Insights)

uring this workshop participants explore the diversity workshopbroad definition of diversity and its many elements. Age, class, thinking style, gender, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, race, education, ethnicity and many others are discussed as learners assess the notion that diversity is just about race and gender. Learners also participate in our staple “Pull Right Up” and “Ask Me Anything” exercises where they have the opportunity to personally consider the role specific diversity elements play in their lives. Through video, discussion, small and large group activities, this highly interactive workshop challenges learners to think (and perhaps live) outside the tiny box that diversity is often put in.

The workshop objectives are:

To discuss the broad definition of diversity
To explore how diversity impacts business and the bottom line
To analyze the changing workforce demographics and how these demographics impact internal and external customer interactions
To develop a diversity tool kit to use professionally and personally
To share and ask diversity related “don’t go there” questions that are typically kept within

Recovery Skills

Successful communication is certainly not always the easiest goal to achieve. This fact is greatly heightened when diversity factors are involved. Gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, class and race differences, just to name a few, can play a significant role in how one receives and reacts to communication or behavior directed toward him/her. Add to this the notion that the impact of one’s behavior does not always match his/her intent. We have to refrain from “blame the victim” thinking (i.e., thinking it’s always the other person’s fault or that the other person has to stop being so sensitive and learn to just “get over it”). Poor work relationships can develop just because someone has unknowingly said or done the wrong thing. During this communication’s workshop participants explore:

How to personally recover from inappropriate comments
How to approach the individual, after an insensitive remark, to reestablish a productive relationship
How to have insightful, inclusion conversations and dialogues with colleagues and customers who are different from them
How to overcome the “fear factor” associated with having inclusion conversations

Blind spots

“I can’t believe I missed it – it was sitting right there.” “I never realized she could…” “Who would of thought that he would be the one to…” “I must be going blind – it was right in front of my face.” People whose blind spots have affected their thinking, their communications or their behaviors Jim Smith, Jr.have shared those sentiments and more. During this high-energy workshop, participants explore the myth and theory that, “what you see is what you get.”

Many of us, because of our blind spots, miss important opportunities and/or information. This could be in the areas of succession planning, coaching, mentoring, hiring, promoting, sales or development. And when you consider the critical role that perceptions and stereotypes play in our daily interactions, one could have quite a challenge. Invariably, all of these lead to unproductive work and work relationships. We have to take responsibility for acknowledging and eliminating our blind spots.

This workshop’s objectives are to:

Assess why and how our blind spots impact our professional, personal and societal interactions and decision-making
Discuss ways for eliminating blind spot thinking and performance
Develop an action plan for expanding one’s perspective and vision
Discuss and acknowledge what are our blind spots

Creative Diversity Training Techniques

So often participants dread coming to diversity workshops. They would rather play in traffic blind folded or drink a jar of wasabi sauce, nonstop, then attend a full day class on diversity. dancingEven the name (i.e., diversity) itself frustrates and scares some, especially if they’ve already had one trying diversity workshop experience. Learners come to the sessions expecting the worst and hoping for an early dismissal. What can trainers and managers do? This participant driven workshop is primarily for trainers, leaders and others who lead diversity workshops, trainings and meetings. The objectives for the workshop are to provide tips, tools and techniques for:

Productively opening and closing your sessions with power and purpose
Effectively managing difficult participants and difficult conversations
Getting learners to freely and confidently participate
Having productive one-on-one diversity dialogues
Creating room safety
Facilitating the total diversity trainer experience

Other Workshops
Other Workshops

— Synergy Energy
— The Reinvented Coach
— The Polished Professional
* —From Average to Awesome:

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