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Jim Craig, Olympics, Business Keynote NSB, personal growth, motivational, Top 10 Corporate, overcoming adversity, leadership, At the Movies, sales, Team Building, athletes, personal development, olympians Jim Craig, Olympics, Business Keynote NSB, personal growth, motivational, Top 10 Corporate, overcoming adversity, leadership, At the Movies, sales, Team Building, athletes, personal development, olympians

Jim Craig Text Reviews

Many people remarked that Jim's message was so well delivered it didn't matter if you were a hockey fan or not--his message resonated with everyone in the audience in different ways. People keep telling me how awesome it was to listen to him speak.
Laura H. Strong, Senior Channel Marketing Manager - Bose Corporation
To say that you contributed to their 'education' would not properly state the case. I feel that you got through to them on a level which I will never be able to reach. I must say that I loved the way you challenged them.
Ira Riklis, CEO - Sutherland Capital Management
You were a huge hit and stole the show. Look at the ratings and the comments section. Nice work. You should feel proud. You nailed it!
Jack Laurendeau, President - Acosta Sales & Marketing
What a terrific job you did at our meeting this week. We had unbelievable positive feedback from our management team on how upbeat and entertaining you were, as well as your ability to weave the MD&A leadership & teamwork message into your theme.
John Waite - Mechanic Dynamic & Analysis LTD
We adopted the tag line "Success is a Team Sport" and Jim's delivery was right on the mark! Jim did a superb job of weaving the Sunkist story seamlessly into his Olympic experience. Our senior executives are not easy to please and they were pleased!
Diane Johnston - Sunkist
I had a number of people throughout the meeting saying, 'I can't wait to get back and get going . . . We are going to kick the crap out of our enemy.' One person (a major 'rain cloud') came into my office, shook my hand and said, 'That was awesome!'
VP of Sales - Bemis Corporation
Your message, and the way you wove in John's leadership philosophy and our team's vernacular, was just incredible. We sincerely appreciate your time - you and your team certainly "prepare to win" - and the impact you've made on OneNA. To say the team is fired up is an understatement!
Sarah Cahan - Dell Technologies & the OneNA team
Working with Jim and his team is an absolute pleasure! We consistently have an amazing experience and Jim always gets outstanding feedback from our clients. We highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a phenomenal speaker!
Sarah Miller - All American Entertainment
Jim's speech was everything I hoped for and more. It is one thing to impart the right messages, but a true motivator inspires action and that Is what Jim accomplished. Having Jim as the keynote speaker for our team was a great decision with overwhelmingly positive results. I would strongly suggest to any company looking for a motivational speaker to make the same choice.
Procter & Gamble
Jim nailed the virtual presentation and his focus on "training to win" and what it takes to win was extremely motivating. One of my favorite quotes was, "taking the harder right over taking the easier wrong". It is so easy not to have the hard conversations in leadership and to not do the uncomfortable work or fooling yourself into thinking you are taking the harder right. This message hit home with our team and we have discussed it quite a bit. We are a tighter group because of it and I thank Jim for it! He taught us there is a certain grit and grind it out attitude you must have to win! In a challenging environment, like we are experiencing today, this message was perfectly timed. We are on our way now and know what it means to train to win not just to train to compete.
Senior Director, North America Global Compute & Networking Sales - Intel/DELL EMC
The leadership from our organization has been working with Jim Craig and Gold Medal Strategies in various ways for many years...Jim and his team are experts at developing materials that are relevant to our leaders. Jim has a natural talent for pulling out greatness! He challenges you to think differently, push harder and develop exceptional work through these calls. Jim will push you and challenge your team. He has helped me grow my leadership exponentially and is an amazing performance coach! I highly recommend Jim & Gold Medal Strategies!
Mike Van Ryn, Director of Talent Development - Zeigler AutoGroup