The Greatest .No.

This weekend we went to the movie The Greatest Showman. While I wasn’t looking for a life changing lesson in that 2 hours, it came anyway. During the movie the lyrics of the song From Now On hit me hard:

This weekend we went to the movie https_www.foxmovies.commoviesthe-greatest-showman . While I wasn_t looking for a life changing lesson in that 2 hours, it came anyway. Dur

While I can’t say I have had the honor of meeting Kings and Queens, I can say I have caught myself looking to others for approval and acceptance more than I should have.

At times I have gotten wrapped up in ‘just one more email’ ‘one more committee’ ‘one more minute on the phone’ when added up these minutes equated to a loss of quality time with my family.

While I will never reach perfection in ‘balance’ taking a pause in the pace of life helps me to recalibrate. During the school year once things get rolling ‘things’ can pull us away from what really matters, our family-our home. 

Does this ever happen to you? In July you commit to being the better wife/husband, mother/father, son/daughter in your personal life, and by January your professional life has created dark clouds in those commitments. If your plans aren’t aligned with your passions and priorities– a slippery slope is headed your way.

Educators-the middle of the year is upon us-the part of the year I call the ‘Long Now’. Time to review goals set in September (sometimes setbacks, other times worth a celebration), the routines, the family activities, and just the ‘stuff’ can pile up until you don’t remember the last time you just sat.

If you are nodding your head right now, if you (like me) had an ugly cry moment when Hugh Jackman’s character sang the song above and recognized the incredible opportunities he was missing, you are ready to recalibrate.

Take a deep breath, read a ‘non-work’ book, go for a walk, meet a friend for coffee, binge a Netflix series, be with your family, or go watch a life-changing movie with your son.

And as the chorus of the song states so well-

Come back home.

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