Jen Slaw

Jen Slaw, Life Balance Jen Slaw, Life Balance

Jen Slaw Speech Topics

Leading in Times of Change: Balancing Engagement & Execution for New Possibilities in Innovation, Growth & Change
Growth and change are a vital part of any strategic plan to stay at the forefront of innovation. Let’s not just manage it, but CREATE it. Participants learn: • How the process of learning to juggle can help us reprogram and question WHY we do something a certain way • To set big personal and team...
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Building an Effective Team: Juggling the Possibilities Together
A team can be a powerful strategy for achieving a goal. Learn how to work together more effectively. Building a strong, cohesive team, as well as mutually beneficial client relationships and business partnerships can be powerful tools for productivity, goal achievement, and creative problem...
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The Power of Practice: Building Systems for Success
It is critical for leaders and business owners to establish a system of best practices. Systems transform organizations. Actions taken or objectives given without direction, coaching, or proper practice will negatively impact organizational growth and results. Leaders must identify priorities and...
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How to Juggle it All: Achieving Work-Life Balance
In this session, attendees are entertained and inspired by juggling as a metaphor for balancing work and life priorities and collaboration. Interactive modules enable participants to physically experience the focus and flexibility necessary to achieve and maintain balance. Audience members learn:...
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Women: The Master Jugglers
Strategies for building a fulfilling and whole life as we strive for balance. As professional women, we are constantly juggling, and every now and then we drop a ball. How can we work towards creating a dynamic balance and build a strong support system? Attendees learn: • Strategies for more...
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