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Jeff Dunham: Puppet Talks Back

Jeff Dunham

Award Winning Comedian and Ventriloquist

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Los Angeles, California, United States
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Breathing life into an elderly curmudgeon or a purple human-like creature from the Micronesian islands, or even a self-effacing, talking jalapeno-on-a-stick, Jeff Dunham is straight man to some of the funniest partners in show business. He has amassed legions of loyal fans throughout the United States and abroad with thousands of sold-out theater and comedy club performances, countless television guest spots--including numerous Tonight Show appearances with both Leno and Carson--and with two ...

Thank you for a wonderful evening of entertainment at IBM's FastTrack Symposium. Your unique brand of humor, delivered with the help of your unusual friends, set our conference off on a solid, bright note. This executive audience laughed uncontrollably.

Kim Novick, Senior Consultant - IBM Worldwide

The combination of your sharp comedic wit and lovable cast of characters captivated and mesmerized the audience. The fact that you received several standing ovations during and after your dynamic show is a testimonial in itself.

Jeff Enloe, President - CMP
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