Jeff Civillico

Jeff Civillico, Culture/Work Environment NSB Jeff Civillico, Culture/Work Environment NSB

Jeff Civillico Speech Topics

Branding Your Passion
Today, the professional paradigm for most people bears little resemblance to the experience of previous generations. Platforms of business have changed. Traditional industries have soured, a typical employee may look more like an independent contractor, and the social media revolution has...
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Comedy in Action (The Show)
Jeff has developed his own unique brand of entertainment he calls Comedy in Action. This exuberant performance style blends comedy, juggling, balancing, athleticism and audience participation to produce an unforgettable experience. Jeff has quickly become known for his ability to connect with his...
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Comedy in Action (The Workshop)
Jeff designed and leads an interactive juggling workshop tailored specifically to the corporate market. A cum laude graduate of Georgetown University, Jeff transforms the process of learning how to juggle into a metaphor for tackling any new task. Jeff deconstructs the art of juggling into a...
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Comedy in Action (The MC)
Jeff's confident, spontaneous nature makes him an ideal master of ceremonies. Corporate events require an emcee who is polished, professional and able to adapt to on-site changes. With Jeff as your emcee, rest assured your event will be a smooth success from start to finish. Jeff has hosted...
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