Jay Strack

Jay Strack

Highly Acclaimed Speaker and Author

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Orlando, Florida, United States
About Jay Strack

In these days of uncertain outcomes, Jay Strack will inspire you to rise above circumstance and competition by focusing on what you must do instead of what might happen. He will fuel your confidence and potential from within and add resilience to your team with strategy and inspiration. No stranger to overcoming adversity, Jay Strack's personal life message is one of courageous endurance, and he confidently proclaims to his audience, "Every day I challenge myself to think "Just imagine if..." Jay ...

Jay Strack was one of the most intriguing, captivating and stimulating speakers ever. We have used him several times and recommend him often.

Billie Tucker - The Executive Committee

When I hear my good friend Jay Strack speak, which I do as often as possible, I make sure to have a pen and plenty of paper. He is awesome, baby!

Pat Williams - NBA Orlando Magic - Sr. VP

Jay Strack, whose life itself has ranged from the low of the marshlands to the peak of the mountaintop, has the capacity . . . to take you along on the trip . . . you'll learn that even in the dark moments that we face, we are going to make it.

Zig Ziglar - Speaker & Author
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