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Jason Young

Southwest Airlines Customer Service & Leadership; Author - 'Culturetopia'

Jason Young
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Jason Young: The Southwest Effect
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Inspired Talent. Do you have IT?

Employee engagement is paramount. Without it, organizations struggle and employees remain disengaged, operating on the low end of performance and fulfillment. Research confirms only 29% of the workforce is fully engaged – meaning they like what they do, feel supported, productive and rewarded. The other 71%? Most are just trading hours for dollars with their heart, head and focus somewhere else. As a result, companies get less than they need from their workforce and suffer with poor results in sales, profit, growth, turnover and customer satisfaction. The answer? Inspired Talent. Because truly engaged employees are those who are motivated, committed and fulfilled. Motivation comes from within. Commitment is a decision that is made. Fulfillment is the result. And none of these happen unless leaders inspire – which is the powerful external influence that drives employee engagement. In this presentation, Jason Young shows leaders how to create an environment where employees are inspired, engaged and can do their best work. In this inspirational keynote, Jason teaches that Inspired Talent is the result of proven leadership practices that lead people to their full potential and help them, not just survive, but to thrive. Participants will come away with the practical insights and tools needed to have what every organization desperately needs…Inspired Talent.

The Ultimate Customer Service Experience

In this keynote, Jason Young explains how a company can deliver a transformational service experience — Servicetopia — with each and every customer encounter. What is Servicetopia? Imagine an environment where all employees are aligned with the mission and vision of the company and every day they go to work committed to providing exceptional service to every customer. They understand their purpose in the organization. They perform their duties with passion as they seek to meet every customer’s needs. They are professional and work tirelessly to build customer loyalty. They follow a carefully outlined process to ensure customer satisfaction and eliminate pain and frustration. And in the end, they add a little pizazz to surprise and delight the customer. Purpose. Passion. Professional. Process. Pizazz. These are the hallmarks of Servicetopia, the behaviors required for delivering exceptional customer service, everyday. You’ll discover that a commitment to Servicetopia can help your organization make a name for itself and impact the bottom line.

Lead Smart -- High Performance Leadership

Jason Young teaches that leaders develop, motivate and empower people to achieve extraordinary results while providing vision and guidance throughout the entire process. Truly smart leaders know that is more than a mere statement of fact, but rather a personal and professional challenge to be met everyday. Faced with two choices – lead smart or die – they’ll know what to do to achieve your organization’s success. They will find out the new definition of becoming a person of influence and how that applies to everyone in your organization. Your leaders will hear how organizing talent to build effective teams creates an incredible workplace culture and how applying successful coaching skills will help your teams excel. They’ll learn how to handle change – for better or worse – and how effective disagreement management can enhance team productivity.

The Southwest Effect -- Successful Practices of a Market Leader

Southwest Airlines has given the business world a textbook example that providing fabulous customer service and maintaining high employee morale in a low-cost environment is possible – and indeed profitable in Corporate America today. But what’s the real story? As a key developer of Southwest Airlines’ legendary positively outrageous customer service and leadership training programs, Jason Young knows that great culture does not “just happen.” A customer service initiative can be created and nurtured to flourish into a customer service culture. Beyond the headlines and the hype, Jason shares the real inside story behind the success of the company consistently rated No. 1 in customer service and employee satisfaction. Best of all, you'll learn how you can take these proven organizational principles to your team or company. You won’t want to miss this inside edition from the man who knows it best.

Jason Young
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Jason Young

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