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Jacqueline Marcell was a "home-run hit . . ." Her first-hand knowledge of caring for loved ones makes her a natural for speaking to family members who are walking the journey of Alzheimer's or related dementia(s).
Janice Morgan - Alzheimer's Association, Oklahoma Chapter
Jacqueline was a smash-hit keynoter at our 26th Annual Arkansas Aging Conference. She was totally at ease in front of more than 500 rapt listeners--with animated, emphatic, witty, and wise stories of sorrow and success as a caregiver.
Ron Tatus - Division of Aging and Adult Services, Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services, Little Rock, AR
How do you describe something better than excellent?! One attendee said her grandmother had Alzheimer's, lived in their home, and appreciated that Jacqueline understood what her household actually went through--but that the doctor never got the picture.
Judy Story - Key Club Adult Day Care Center, Danville, Illinois
You MUST have Jacqueline speak to your group. She communicates a powerful message to caregivers, which most just can't grasp from healthcare professionals. She has lived what they are living and struggled with what they are struggling.
Gina Shaffer - -Gina Shaffer Law Office, LLC, Bel Air, MD
Thank you for your superb presentation . . . what a fabulous presentation it was! Your ability to combine humor, personal insight, wisdom, & critical meaningful guidance to all of us involved in the web of care for those with dementia was sensational.
Robert Stern, Ph.D. - Director, Alzheimer's Clinical and Research Program, Boston University School of Medicine
The evaluations are extremely positive from professionals and families alike, and we are receiving numerous calls for help because of you. Your presentations were absolutely incredible, standing room only, as you touched so many with laughter and tears.
Jeanie Mitchell, RN, CMC, CCM - Oklahoma Chapter of the Case Management Society of America
Inspiring and Fabulous! Jacqueline's ability to educate while entertaining is masterful, keeping an audience riveted--learning, laughing and even crying a bit. She was such a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond to help us create a huge success.
Theresa Timmons - Help Unlimited Homecare, Seattle, WA
You definitely went above and beyond in your pre-program promotion of our event! A quote: "extremely effective--wonderful speaker. Jacqueline is worth her weight in gold (no platinum) and then some!"
Betty L. Bowers - Home Instead Senior Care, Beachwood, OH
Thank you for making our event a true success--the highest attended our agency has ever conducted. We typically get 50 people, but 450 came to hear you! Four sponsors, who have never sponsored our events, are requesting future sponsorship.
Brenda Brown - Office for Aging, Caregiver Support Program, Utica, NY
It is quite an accomplishment to address both professionals and family members and not shortchange anyone. The Educational Institute maintains very high standards on the caliber of speakers we hire, and your session proved to be a feather in our cap!
Dianne Allaire - Gertrude A. Barber Educational Institute, Erie, PA
Jacqueline has the ability to speak to worker bees as well as top executives, offering a rare mix of talent and passion. What makes her so successful is her credibility of having lived in the trenches and her willingness to share.
Gail Goeller - Hospice of Spokane, WA
We want to personally congratulate you for helping make the California Governor's Conference for Woman a phenomenal success! The conference exceeded all expectations and was an inspiration to 10,000 attendees. You were great . . .
Gray & Sharon Davis - Former Governor and First Lady of California
Jacqueline's keynote before the Florida House of Representatives shared her vision for a world free of Alzheimer's.
Johnnie B. Byrd - Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives
Thank you for your wonderful, entertaining and uplifting presentations. Your list of items we should provide our clients and conversations we should have with caregivers were particularly helpful--I have begun to implement your suggestions.
Richard A. Courtney, CELA, Director - National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
Everyone loved Jacqueline's educational and entertaining CEU/CME presentation, Behavioral & Medical Management of the Elderly Patient. She was also video-conferenced to Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe and rural communities.
Linda Dielman, TV Program/Outreach Manager - CMU Public Broadcasting, Mount Pleasant, Michigan
Comments: Jacqueline is a wonderful, thought provoking speaker; She made a tough situation into one you can handle! Your inspirational presentations helped make our conference a big success--thank you!
Mary Jo Hannasch - Northern Plains Conference on Aging and Disability, Fargo, North Dakota
We will spread your knowledge to thousands of employees, which will save heartache, careers and money, because fewer hours will be needed away from the workplace. That will help America's productivity, so your presentation was invaluable!
Scott Martineau - Young Presidents Organization, Bel Air, California
Thank you so much for your outstanding keynote at our International Elder Care Conference! You educated and inspired over 300 nurses and healthcare professionals who earned CEUs, and rated your session quite highly.
Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
PRICELESS & UPLIFTING! Jacqueline exceeded all expectations for hundreds of attendees as well as our conference committee. Caregivers need to know they are not alone and she empowers them to reach out--giving the connection and direction they long for.
Dawn Jacobs, Elder Advocacy Manager - Area Agency on Aging, Alpena, Michigan