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You bring a sincere and valuable approach to the speaking circuit and for this you set yourself apart. I can see that you don't only talk the talk, you walk it too and for that I am very impressed & grateful. You really gave our clients/guests a big hug!

Martin Smith, Managing Director - L?Oreal Professional Products (UK)

He was the speaker of the day, and people left with tangible ideas they could really apply to their own businesses. Jack hit a home run, and those attending the event are still talking about his presentation.

Howard Brodsky, Chairman and CEO - CCA Global Partners

The Mitchell Family has created one of America's unique retail experiences, executed by few. Their passion for the intimate relationship with the customer, and the loyalty that is created, has rarely been duplicated.

Ralph Lauren, Chairman and CEO - Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation

Jack Mitchell writes with wisdom, experience and passion about the benefits of superior customer satisfaction. His insights apply to the Fortune 500 as much as they do the neighborhood stores.

James M. Kilts, Former Chairman of the Board and CEO - The Gillette Company

Satisfying customers is not enough. Today you have to create raving fan customers. Read Hug Your Customers and learn how to do just that.

Ken Blanchard, Co-author - The One Minute Manager and Raving Fans