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Safety is 24/7
Eliminating 7 High Risk Behaviors

Do your employees feel they are working safely:

  • For OSHA?

  • For their company and supervisors?

  • For their personal well-being?

A risk-free environment will never exist. Therefore, employees must be self-motivated to develop a “personal safety culture” to reduce accidents. This content-filled presentation is fun, lively, entertaining, and highly interactive. The message will enable attendees to become self-motivated and embrace safety as a personal value to improve the quality of their lives. After hearing this message, unsafe behaviors are reduced, and attendees practice “Safety 24/7.”

This is a win-win-win for everyone:

  • Employees are self-motivated to perform safety

  • Supervisors spend less time enforcing safety

  • Organizations' accident rates are reduced.

This highly interactive presentation will have attendees out of their seats and fully engaged with the pertinent content.

Leadership Skills:18 Lessons Learned on the Links
Leadership Skills:18 Lessons Learned on the Links

Golf is a game broken into short segments, and "Leadership Skills" parallel lessons that can be learned quickly, easily, and entertainingly to apply immediately. Audiences are captivated and enjoy the progression of each of the 18 lessons.

Learn and enjoy this dynamic, entertaining, and content-filled presentation that connects leadership skills and golf terms (i.e., follow-through, goal-setting, developing strategies, and focus). Golfers and non-golfers of all genders and ages will enjoy this fresh and winning approach to improving success at work and in life.

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