Dr. Isabel Perry

Dr. Isabel Perry, Safety safety, leadership, Team Building, teamwork, women in business Dr. Isabel Perry, Safety safety, leadership, Team Building, teamwork, women in business

Dr. Isabel Perry Bio

Dr. Isabel Perry is a highly motivated professional with a unique combination of experiences as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, author and speaker. She is an effective communicator who has the expertise and natural ability to bring "real life" solutions to her audiences worldwide.

Isabel Perry climbed the corporate ladder in a Fortune 50 company and "broke the glass ceiling." While working with all levels of the organization, she led teams of safety, health and environmental professionals in worldwide operations; these teams were inspired to excellence and won state and international awards for their performance and contributions to the corporation.

Incident/severity rates and workers' compensation losses were reduced by 61%
Environmental waste and emissions were reduced by more than 71%
Oversight of a $90 million site remediation budget

Dr. Perry shares her successes and expertise by speaking on the following topics: executive and management development, team building and interpersonal skills, effective communication, coaching and counseling for high performance, culture change and managing transitions in the workplace. In addition, Isabel Perry's technical expertise is in Safety Management and compliance.

Her ambition and hard work began at the age of 21 when she established and operated a residential construction business for 13 years. Later in life her entrepreneurial skills blossomed again when she established a joint venture in Quindao, China manufacturing ice cream. Her enthusiasm continued as she built a successful e-commerce site; being a direct importer of international goods fulfilled her love of travel and working with people of different cultures.

After 25 years of expansive responsibilities Dr. Isabel Perry combines the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed and is currently a much sought after consultant, speaker and trainer. Employees in manufacturing industries, hospitals and health care, government agencies and service industries have all benefited from Dr. Perry's enthusiastic spirit. She opens her audiences mind and heart to all the possibilities of increased excellence. Audiences are challenged and inspired to new ideas and approaches in improving their performance.

Dr. Isabel Perry holds a bachelor's degree in design and architecture, a master's degree in safety management and a doctorate degree in behavioral safety and adult learning. Being self-motivated she obtained the last two degrees in night school over an eleven-year period as she operated her construction business .she brings motivation to an all-new level. Her audiences are energized by her "can do" attitude and transfer their newly gained skills into success.