Hollis Wilder

Hollis Wilder

A dynamic speaker with a past working with Hollywood's top celebrities which resulted in her own business and the Food Network.

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Orlando, FL, US
About Hollis Wilder

Hollis Wilder grew up in a home that was always filled with the aroma of fresh baked goods wafting through the air and out to the garden, where she put on grand theatrical plays with childhood friends.Her parents frequently hosted cocktail and dinner parties for glamorous guests ...entertaining them with sweet and savory delights, fresh flowers from the garden, and Sinatra on the turntable, of course! It was from this auspicious beginning that she learned how to entertain, and eventually her ...

If there's a queen of the cupcake world, it's probably Hollis Wilder, the first two-time winner on Cupcake Wars.

Larry Bleiberg - USA TODAY

She's really sweet and charming, but passionate. She looks at cupcakes not as baking, but an art form.

Justin Willman, host of Food Network's Cupcake Wars and Cupcake Champions - Food Network

It was wonderful getting to meet you yesterday and hear your story. You are a true inspiration to women. I hope someday to be as brave as you and move forward on some of my personal ideas.

Jennifer Taylor - Universal Orlando

The students, faculty, and staff loved her. . . . she motivated young women to follow their dreams and make no excuses for being who they are. She is fun, genuine, and personable. She gave our students individual attention like she was their mentor.

Yselande Pierre / Assistant Director/SPC-BBC Advisor - Florida International University

Hollis Wilder was a phenomenal speaker. She was an excellent role model and inspiration to our students. She is driven, inspiring, smart, punctual, well spoken, sassy, and beautiful (not to mention her cupcakes are divine!).

Dr. Jill Norburn Director, Student Affairs - University of Central Florida
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