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Harry Leibowitz Speech Topics

The Age of Migration
Not since WWII have so many people across the globe been in the process of migration. According to The Guardian, some 250 million people are on the move for reasons ranging from war to natural disasters and from lack of freedom and opportunity to gang/military violence. This massive migration is...
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Philanthropy as a Second Career
Why consider philanthropy as a second career and what are the benefits and pitfalls. What characteristics/traits make a good philanthropist. Different ways to enter philanthropy – i.e. starting your own vs. joining an existing one. Q&A.
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Ethics in Corporate Philanthropy
Setting standards for effective corporate philanthropy. Exploration of why some corporate philanthropy works and some does not. Melding corporate vision and employee interest with effective philanthropy. How to evaluate philanthropies and their effectiveness. Examples of “good” and “bad”...
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Study of Child Trafficking in the US and Beyond
Defines trafficking in all its forms. Why trafficking in children is increasing in spite of so many organizations and efforts to control fight it. Rescue and release options successes and failures. Interdiction efforts successes and failures. What we can do better. How to spot trafficking. Why...
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