Harry Broadman

Harry Broadman, Finance, Finance Speaker, Global Business NSB, logistics, international, trade Harry Broadman, Finance, Finance Speaker, Global Business NSB, logistics, international, trade

Harry Broadman Speech Topics

Where is The Growth in the World Economy?

The recent global financial crisis and the on-going softness in much of the advanced countries--the EU, Japan and the US--have shaken businesses', investors' and policy-makers' perceptions and confidence of a return to historic levels of stable growth. The fact that many emerging markets have...

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Are You Ready for the New Global Corporate Rivals?

The traditional international business landscape characterized by firms headquartered in the advanced countries facing the most intense competition from rivals from other advanced countries is quickly becoming a historical artifact. As these businesses scour the global for high growth market...

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Understanding US Trade Policy: Past, Present and Future

To most Americans negotiating and implementing international trade policy agreements is an enigma, which often breeds suspicion if not contempt for the process. The recent standoff in Washington over President Obama's effort to obtain legislative authorization from Capitol Hill for the Executive...

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Do Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Payoff?

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) fabric is fraying. It is not surprising. Increasingly, the intended beneficiaries of traditional CSR programs, especially those in developing countries, are finding the deeds are not matching the words. To be sure, many of the targeted groups are made...

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Managing Overseas Corruption Risks

Corruption has become one of the most pervasive and pernicious risks facing corporations, banks, private equity funds and other investors in the international marketplace. Not only can corruption add sizeable costs to the bottom line and engender damage to reputations and brand images for many...

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Is China Really Destined to be an Economic Powerhouse?

The conventional wisdom on Wall Street, inside the Capital Beltway, in the union hall, and throughout the shopping mall is that it is inevitable that China will soon dominate the global economy. While at present, doubts are voiced due to the current slowdown in China's output and the bubble in...

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Is Putin Recreating the Soviet Empire?

Twenty-five years have passed since the formal disintegration of the Soviet economic bloc that had been dominated by Russia. For 70 years before then, with the formation of the bloc, Eurasian continent's long economic history of international commerce with much of the rest of the world was...

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Why the Sudden Interest in Doing Business in Africa?

Over the past several years, interest in Africa as a destination for investment has been growing at a startling clip. A few niche private equity firms were the first to make serious inroads into the continent more than a decade ago. But only more recently have a growing number of multinational...

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