SFC Greg Stube (RET)

SFC Greg Stube (RET) SFC Greg Stube (RET)
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SFC Greg Stube (RET)

American hero, patriot and servant. Stube was injured in Afghanistan when his 30 man "A-Team" held off 3,000 Taliban for 5-days.

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Indianapolis, IN, US
About SFC Greg Stube (RET)


Born in Long Beach, CA, in 1969

Son of a career Navy man, Richard H. Stube

Enlisted to US Army Infantry in July, 1988

Selected for the Green Berets in November, 1992

Trained as Special Forces Medical Sergeant, 18D. Training included surgery, anesthesia, trauma management, pharmacology, minor dentistry, veterinary subjects and more, in order to help the "A-Team" function where there is no doctor

Attended Defense Language Training, ...

Mr. Stube is a very qualified speaker who consistently receives high regards from the NA students and NA staff. His style of speaking and message resonate with the NA audience. Mr. Stu be is easy to work with and is always professional in his interactions. He is always well received and will continue to be invited back to speak at the FBINA. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions.

Richard Boswell - FBI National Academy

Greg's heartfelt communication style is impressive, his hard fought background is historic.
I would highly recommend that you consider Greg Stube

Lewis Danielson - Crimson Trace Corp

I have had a 50 year career as a retired Navy Captain, retired senior civil servant, occasional defense consultant to SAIC and the Naval Postgraduate School, and President of a non-profit providing college scholarships to children of soldiers killed, wounded, and injured since 9/11. During this time I have heard many great speakers, but none better than Greg Stube. He is a natural and authentic communicator. In his 22 year career as a Green Beret, Greg Stube operated where the rubber meets the road, and made tremendous sacrifices for his country. His presentations on such topics as leadership, patriotism, team building, goal setting, organizational evaluation and optimization, and self-actualization, are nothing short of inspiring. I would unquestionably recommend Greg for any organization interested in motivating and improving their workforce.

Chuck Deleot, CAPT US Navy Ret, President - President, Patriot Foundation

There is no shortage of town criers that will shock and awe their audience. The volume can be loud and unnerving. Greg has a message and a delivery that can engage and support service and sacrifice.

Michael Fordyce, CEO - One West Insurance Services, Inc.

Greg Stube is a world-class presenter. His ability to move an audience is an amazing thing to watch. He leaves the listener feeling inspired, believing they can face any challenge and overcome any obstacle.

Mark Gungor, CEO - Laugh Your Way America

Greg's message is something very unique in the speakers' world. I have had the opportunity to attend multiple motivational and educational speaker events and I can frankly say that Greg ranks with the elite. I don't want to come across as "over the top" but I can guarantee that any group who has the opportunity to hear his message will not be disappointed. Greg will give people hope and confidence not only relative to our great country but also to the ideal of a citizen servant.

Matt Herridge, Charton Management
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